Miley Cyrus' Dilemma: Coping With Cankles

K. Mathews on 2 May 2011 at 9:00am

Can you tell where Miley Cyrus’ legs end and her feet begin? In her memoir Miles to Go Miley’s ghostwriter Miley writes, “When I read online that people think I have cankles, I kind of had a fit.” Apparently, Billy Ray Cyrus tried to comfort her by saying that all of the women in their family have cankles.  Good job,
dad, I bet that made her feel a lot better.

The Cyrus family isn’t the only one with cankles. In fact, plenty of women of all shapes and sizes have legs where the calf and ankle blend together into one bulky body part. Many of them wish they could add more shape to this area, including one RealSelf user who wonders whether liposuction could fix her self-described “chubby ankles”.

Huntsville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deason Dunagan says he witnessed success with ankle liposuction, especially for people whose genes lead to fat storage around the ankle. But like many other doctors, he warns that the recovery period takes longer than most types of liposuction, with swelling lasting up to four months.

Cankle solutionDr. David A. Ross, a Chicago Plastic Surgeon, recommends a consultation to determine whether surgery would be the right choice. It is important to determine “how much of your ankle contour is fat and how much is bone.” Knowing that, the doctor should be able to give you a realistic idea of what your ankle would end up looking like. Obviously, liposuction can’t do much to help people with wide bone structure, so you’ll want to know what causes your cankles before moving forward with the surgery.

Either way, take comfort in knowing that if someone who performs as much as Miley can’t dance her cankles away, they can happen to anyone!

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