VASERsmooth vs. Cellulaze? What Works on Cellulite?

K. Mathews on 14 Aug 2012 at 9:00am

When it comes to reducing the appearance of cellulite, Cellulaze has been a leading treatment option, with a 77% Worth It Rating, but a newly FDA-approved product on the market appears ready to compete for the title.

VASERsmooth is a new accessory for the VASER Liposuction technology, which uses ultrasonic energy or high-energy sound waves to emulsify fat. Now, in addition to contouring fat, doctors can user VASER to remove signs of cellulite. Like Cellulaze, VASERsmooth uses a small, pen-shaped device to poke beneath the skin’s surface and break up fatty tissue that creates cellulite. 

             Cellulaze Before and After Photo

Early adopters of the VASERsmooth device say that results are “comparable” to Cellulaze. Dr. Peter Fodor says, “My early surgical experience with VASERsmooth to treat cellulite is very promising.” One particular perk for both the doctors and patients is that it is a quicker procedure. “[VASERsmooth] is several times faster than the Cellulaze treatment, and the physician gets real time, tactile feedback,” explains Dr. David Broadway, who also participated in early trials.

Though VASERsmooth is claiming quicker procedure times and neither it nor Cellulaze comes with significant downtime, it's still unknown which has the better price tag. Cellulaze treatments average $5,500, and no real-time cost data is available yet for VASERsmooth.

With regard to downtime for Cellulaze, here's what community members are saying:

"Sure, the procedure itself is easy enough (because you're medicated), but you're looking at at least 1-2 day of downtime to allow for the possibility of drainage. And likely 4-6 weeks until ALL of the bruising, swelling and discomfort are gone." Aging Maven

..."there was a lot of downtime associated with the first procedure. Mind you I was one of the lucky ones - no bruising, no leaking, no pain - but that whole compression garment with pads was not a fun time." Bricolage

With two new cellulite treatments approved since the end of 2011 and claiming results, it has been a big year for body contouring. We’ll just have to wait for the patient reviews to see the true pros and cons of each treatment. RealSelf community members haven’t weighed in VASERsmooth yet, but – with its current popularity – Cellulaze may be hard to beat.

Is cellulite one of your trouble areas? Are you looking forward to more treatment options on the market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATED JAN 14, 2013 the Worth It Rating. photo credit: dr. Barry E. DiBernardo, MD