From Tom Cruise to Bieber: 4 Treatments for a Celebrity Smile Makeover

Princess 19 on 26 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

Tom Cruise Before and After

A fairly quick way to transform one's image is a smile makeover. An actor or actress can go from a nameless face in the crowd to the Tinseltown A-list -- with just a few changes to their pearly whites.  

Let's face it, no one has ever come to Hollywood perfect (well, maybe Minka Kelly). To make it in that town, it requires work - or ahem, getting work done. Here are some of the "tooth touch-ups" that happen in Hollywood, and the stars who could be unofficial spokespeople.  

1. Veneers

Hilary Duff may be the most famously veneered celeb -- or formerly veneered. A few years back, she made headlines for her drastically altered smile, which she subsequently revised due to some awful equestrian-esque name-calling.

Hilary Duff veneers before and after

The thin layer of porcelain or dental composite placed directly on one's natural tooth can mimic and disguise many inconsistencies. 

Tom Cruise Before and After

Veneers can be used to bridge gaps, perfect shape, even make teeth appear straighter.

Nicole before and afterNicole after

(We're still not quite convinced that's really Nicole on the right ...)

2. Teeth whitening 

This could be the easiest and least painful of all fixes. A brighter, whiter smile can even make you look healthier.

From whitening toothpaste to in-office procedures like Zoom, check out what our dental guru has to say about the speediest options.  But, beware, some patients experience mild to severe sensitivity and pain. 

And who can forget when Ross overdid the whitening treatment on Friends

Ross teeth whitening Friends

All that said, the effects of whitening can be exceptional, and one does not have to have perfectly aligned teeth to beam brighter. Brits such as David Beckham and Duchess Kate are prime examples of how a whiter smile makes all the difference.

David Before and after

3. Invisalign

Speaking of straightening, celebs who do want to align their teeth sans veneers often opt for Invisalign. It's removable for photo shoots, and nearly invisible if they're caught by the paparazzi. Today's poster child for clear braces is every teenage girl's heartthrob. That's right, Justin Bieber has been spotted wearing his Invisalign trays. His orthodontist must be so proud of his dedication. 

Justin Bieber Invisalign  Justin Bieber Invisalign

4. Dental bridge or implants

This is a MAJOR fix. When a star or starlet has led a bit of a rough life (ahem, Charlie Sheen), it calls for some overhaul. A bridge or an implant is literally a porcelain and metal fixture that mimics real teeth. It can be affixed permanently or can be detached (where one slips it off at night). 

Normally, this is used when decay or damage is done to the front teeth. But, it can also be used to help replace back teeth for chewing.  Regardless, if you are a star, please don't forget to put them on, or in Janice Dickinson's case, watch where they may fall.

Charlie before and after

Who do you think has the best smile in Hollywood?

Photo Credit:;  Daily Mail, Warner Brother, NBC; Coco Perez; Flickr By eyeswideciakphotos, Babble, The Sop