Bruce Jenner is Innocent: What a Facelift Scar Really Looks Like

Princess 19 on 24 Jan 2012 at 9:40am

The recent appearance of Bruce Jenner at a Lakers game with wife Kris had tongues wagging that the former Olympian had even more face work done.  Not so fast, people.  That's not a facelift scar.

If only the gossip sites had asked the experts first.  As news spread that the once-vain celeb had another facelift procedure, it was soon reported that Bruce actually had a biopsy - for skin cancer.  

Jenner had noticed a red mark on his face during a recent trip to his dermatologist.  The biopsy proved that it was an early stage of skin cancer.

jenner scar vs. a real scarfacelift scar

When shown side by side in comparison to a real facelift scar, it is obvious from the sheer placement that this was a deliberate cut to remove something, not to lift the area for a more youthful look.  A facelift scar is meant to be stitched and placed in such a way that after the healing process is done, it is almost invisible.  And let's be honest here, would he really be going to a highly attended event so soon after a cosmetic procedure?  This is Hollywood, where procedures are meant to be secretive.

Besides, "...most good facelifts should not leave obvious scars," says Philadelphia area facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Corrado.  "A skilled cosmetic surgeon can rejuvenate your neck and jowls via well hidden incisions, when closed with good surgical technique, heal well enough that they should not be obvious."

So, no worries, Bruce (if he even had any).  We know you are innocent.  And, we are happy that you caught the cancer early.

Photo credit:  HollywoodLife