Want To Know What You'd Look Like With D-Cups? [VIDEO]

Nicole Fukuoka on 27 Jun 2013 at 9:00am

Watch the video: All you need is rice and panty hose. 

If you're trying to decide what you'd look like with a B cup, C cup, or -- just for amusement -- an F cup, there's an easy at-home solution for this. RealSelfers have known for ages that homemade breast sizers are a great tool to help them make what can turn out to be a pretty expensive decision. And now RealSelf is showing you how to do it at home.

Who knew rice in nylons would make such good boobs? 

Few things to keep in mind. First, these sizers are never a precise substitute for an actual consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Also, definitely use a sports bra to try them on; regular bras won't look right. Finally, rice boobs are not recommended for use as bra-stuffers for formal events or job interviews. (Imagine a slightly over-zealous hug?)

Still, if you follow the measurements below as a guideline, you can get a reasonable approximation of what you'd look like with a new set of girls -- rice girls. 

1 cup rice = a 240 c implant

1/2 cup =120 cc

1/4 cup= 60 ccs

For more information about implant sizes, click her to visit our breast augmentation topic page.