Real Housewives of San Francisco? Bay Area Leads Nation in Botox Popularity

VVartanian on 6 Dec 2013 at 12:00am

san francisco is home to highest interest in botoxLA really isn't as Botox-obsessed as most would assume. San Francisco and the Bay Area lead the nation in Botox interest according to our analysis of millions of searches for Botox on

Perhaps wrinkle-free foreheads pair well with a city powered by hot yoga, dense fog and organically-grown produce?

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What would explain San Franciscan interest in Botox outpacing that of LA? SF-based dermatologist, Dr. Vic A. Narurkar, shared with us a few explanations.

1. Few in the Bay Area have the time for an eye lift.

The RealSelf data reflects the demographic of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, says Dr. Narurkar. That is, workers in high-tech who don't have time to hide out and recover from more elaborate surgical procedures -- like the ones that require a scalpel.

"They are a working population with busy lives and just want to get in and get out. And Botox has efficacy, little risk and downtime at a reasonable cost. Being a tech hub, everyone here wants things that work [quickly] and make your life easier."

2. Getting "work done" in San Francisco is very hush hush.

Historically, Bay Area consumers have always been "under the radar" when undergoing cosmetic procedures, says Dr. Narurkar.

"The big difference in the Bay Area is that people don't talk about it. It's a more discreet process and it also reflects the way we do Botox in San Francisco -- it's about looking revitalized and youthful -- but not fake. If you see an overdone person, they're probably not from the Bay Area." 

3. They're late adopters of cosmetic procedures -- on purpose.

Lastly, Dr. Narurkar says that adoption of cosmetic enhancements is always little slower in the golden-gated city -- and he thinks that's because consumers want long-term proof that a procedure works.

"People here are much more savvy about things that have evidence behind them. We have an educated population ... so even for Botox, my patients will come in with an internet search on everything you ever wanted to know."

"I think we're different than Southern California or Miami -- where people will just latch on to the latest -- even though it might not be the greatest."

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