Botched Season 1: How Is Jenn Farinet Doing After Surviving the “Worst” Deviated Septum?

Jager Weatherby on 7 Jul 2014 at 8:00am

Jenn Farinet Before Botched
  Jenn Farinet before appearing on Botched

Of all the people we’ve seen so far on Botched, Jenn Farinet is one of the patients who’s really pulled our heartstrings. The July 6 episode followed her story as she explained the harsh bullying she endured growing up and the two unsuccessful nose jobs she underwent because it.

Dr. Nassif said she had one of the “worst deviated septums” he’s ever seen, yet that didn’t stop him from taking on the case. When Jenn finally got to see her revised nose for the first time, she couldn’t hold back her tears (and neither could Dr. Nassif!). Her newfound confidence was apparent at her unveiling, where she announced how happy she was with the results, “It would almost be rude not to let people see how awesome this is!”

RealSelf recently caught up with the Botched star to find out how she’s doing following her third (and hopefully final!) rhinoplasty, as well as get some juicy scoop from behind the scenes.

Jenn Farinet After Two Nose JobsRealSelf: Why did you decide to get your revision done by the doctor who “botched” your first nose job?
Jenn Farinet:
I returned to the same surgeon for my revision for the same reason I saw my surgeon in the first place — I didn't really know better. Both my mother and I were under the impression that my surgeon was one of the best in New York City, so neither one of us thought to look elsewhere when the first one didn't go as planned. Because he told me after my first surgery that I had “the most twisted septum [he’s] ever seen,” I automatically assumed it was my anatomy that had caused the botched result. It wasn't until after the revision that I realized maybe I hadn't seen the right doctor for my condition.

RS: How are you doing post-Botched?
To say my life has completely changed since Botched is an understatement. Every aspect of my life is different, from where I work to who I'm friends with to how I feel about myself and my place in the world.

Physically speaking, my nose is perfect. I couldn't have wished for a better result. More importantly is how it works. To be perfectly honest, I didn't even realize how bad my breathing issues were until Dr. Nassif removed the splints and I took my first breath. I can run and exercise without getting tired, my teeth have gotten healthier from not constantly breathing through my mouth, and I can actually smell things for the first time in a long time!

Emotionally, I've never been better. There is something that happens to you psychologically when you are finally able to fix something you thought for so long was unfixable. It might not seem like much to some, but it gives you some faith back when you feel like it's you against the world. I may never be perfect inside or out, but I know that there’s a way to make things better and I've found my strength to do so.

RS: What's Dr. Nassif really like? Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes scoop you can share?
If you think Dr. Nassif looks like a wonderful doctor on TV, I can tell you first hand it is not because of editing. Dr. Nassif is truly one of the most genuine, caring, and professional people in the world. Even when the cameras weren't rolling, I knew I was Dr. Nassif's top priority when I was with him. I think that's surprising for most people to hear about a doctor on TV. Also, the witty banter between Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that you see on the show… that's not just for TV! Anytime I was in a room with those two, they would hurl insults at each other playfully. It kept the mood light and the entire cast and crew in stitches (literally and figuratively!)

Jenn Farinet Before and After

RS: What didn't we see with Dr. Nassif that you wish we had?
I really wish you could have seen more of the actual surgery and artistry that went into rebuilding my nose. Dr. Nassif spent 8 hours in surgery reconstructing my entire nose with my ear and my scalp. To me, that's the most amazing part of the show. The talent and the precision that Dr. Nassif works with is beyond remarkable. While we all look beautiful after the surgery, the real beauty is in how skillful these doctors really are and how much effort they put into each individual case to ensure the safety of their patients.

RS: What was going through your mind when Dr. Nassif had such an emotional reaction to your results?
I think Dr. Nassif's reaction to my surgery really cemented the entire experience as a pivotal point in life. Janice Dickinson said something very poignant in her episode. When Dr. Dubrow said "You made it through," Janice stopped him and said "WE made it through." This hasn't just been my journey and my story — this was everyone's story. Everyone’s had things they would go back and change if they had one wish. Dr. Nassif and his team were able to right a wrong and completely change my life. Seeing the effect it had on him meant a lot to me and it has inspired me to want to give back in my own life.

Jenn Farinet After Botched

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