Botched Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: Madonna Impersonator Has a Better Nose Than Madonna

Jager Weatherby on 21 Jul 2014 at 2:55am

The excitement of Botched continues this week as plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow come up against Saaphyri, a TV personality with DDD breasts; Venus D’lite, the world's #1 Madonna impersonator; and Diana, a woman who got a nose job from a doctor who suddenly disappeared.

If for some reason you didn’t tune into this real-life drama, we’re here to recap the highlights from Botched Season 1, Episode 5. Read on for all the scoop, then make sure to watch our exclusive after show (video above) with Dr. Nassif himself!

Saaphyri Windsor

Saaphyri BeforeSaaphyri Windsor became recognized for her roles on reality shows like Flavor of Love 2 and I Love Money, but the negative attention from the public severely affected her confidence. After losing a bunch of weight the old-fashioned way, Saaphyri decided to complete her transformation with breast implants and liposuction.

36 DDDs and Botched Liposuction
Saaphyri visited a plastic surgeon who was offering her procedures at a significantly reduced rate. Of course, as we’ve learned from watching Botched, there is no bargain shopping with cosmetic surgery. Following the surgeries, the doctor made Saaphyri wear a girdle with a wire in it, which left a permanent indentation on her stomach. Her implants were also larger than she intended, causing them to sag and flop around. “I want to host a show. I want to star in it,” she explains. “I need my breasts to be professional breasts, not stripper breasts. I want that personal confidence.”

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Nassif and Dubrow decide to take on the case
Saaphyri reveals that she woke up in the middle of her previous surgery, and when she said something to the doctor, he told her to shut up. “There was another patient who he didn’t even take to the hospital. She actually died at his home,” she tells the doctors. “I guess he probably did that to someone else as well, and they killed him at a Frosty Freeze here in Los Angeles.” Wow.

Dr. Dubrow examines Saaphyri and agrees that she needs smaller implants, a breast lift, and reduced areolas. Unfortunately, her stomach is going to be a trickier situation. “This is really more about loose skin,” he says. “Liposuction alone will probably just make her worse. She’s going to have to do a tummy tuck and have that big hip-to-hip scar.”

Terry discovers that Saaphyri’s only been carrying 300cc implants, which means that most of her large breasts are made of natural tissue. “She wants to be a full C, but the truth is, if you take these implants out, she’s still going to be bigger than a C,” he explains. “But if we cut out [too much] breast tissue and lift her, the nipples will die [from a lack of blood supply].” Terry decides to give Saaphyri a 200cc implant and continue on with the lift. He then performs liposuction above her belly button, as well as a tummy tuck to remove the section of skin with the indentation.

Saaphyri’s clearly still loopy at her 7-day check-in, as she begins chowing down on cookies in the waiting room. “I like the cookies!” she says. “The best part of coming to the doctor is eatin’ up all the cookies!” Once she’s finally got her fill of the sugary treats, Saaphyri makes her way to the examining room. Dr. Dubrow says her positive attitude and optimism have helped with the healing, adding that all of her surgical sites look “calm and happy.” Before heading home, Saaphyri sends a little thank you prayer to God. “Thank you for my new boobies and making them look so cute and perky. I love you so much and I know you love me. And I’m gonna be good, too! I promise!”

Saaphyri Before and After

Dolled up in a sexy red crop top and a booty-hugging skirt, Saaphyri pops out of the sunroof of a limo to reveal the results to her friends. “Saaphyri is here, honey, and she got a new body!” she exclaims. “She’s got a new body, she’s got a new mind. New mind, new spirit. New spirit, new soul. I am just like a new person!”

Adam Guerra (aka Venus D’Lite)

Venus D'Lite

Adam Guerra (aka Venus D’Lite) is the “number one Madonna impersonator in the world,” having also appeared on Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He’s undergone seven procedures in order to look like his idol, including cheek implants and a jaw reduction.

Adam now wants a nose job in order to further his transformation. “I’d really like to get rid of this bump [on my bridge],” he says. “It gives me this Barbra Streisand profile, and I do NOT do Streisand.”

CONSULTATION: Nassif and Dubrow decide to pass on the case
Adam arrives for his consultation in his full Madonna costume. He tells the doctors that on top on a typical nose job, he also wants to add flare to his nostrils — a look he currently mimics with the use of makeup.

The doctors examine Adam’s nose and say that it already looks like a younger version of Madonna’s. Dr. Nassif adds that carving out skin in the nostrils would only make the nose job look obvious, so he refuses to do it. “If you’re telling me it’s going to make me look unattractive, then we can’t have any of that!” says Adam. “I’m single right now. The boys would never want to talk to me if I had a nose like that!” Adam leaves the consultation feeling confident about his natural nose — but not before he can teach Dr. Dubrow how to vogue.

Diana Esho

Diana Esho BeforeDiana Esho was born with trouble breathing and spent a great deal of her childhood going to the doctor. When she was older, a plastic surgeon told her that her only option was to get a nose job, so she followed his advice.

PROBLEM: Obstructed Airway and Upturned Nasal Tip
Diana’s face was abnormally swollen after the surgery, and the whites of her eyes were starting to turn red. When the doctor finally took her cast off, she saw that the tip of her nose was completed raised, exposing too much of her nostrils. “I had a Miss Piggy nose,” she reveals. On top everything, she still wasn’t able to breathe any better than she could before. When she called the doctor’s office later to discuss her results, the practice was no longer there and no one knew where he went.

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CONSULTATION: Nassif and Dubrow decide to take on the case
Diana says she always wanted Dr. Nassif to be the one performing her revision. “I told my sister, ‘One day, Dr. Nassif will fix my nose.’ I’ve been saying that for about 8 years. I first saw him on Dr. 90210 and I remember saying, ‘This is the doctor that’s going to fix my nose.’ His work was amazing and I knew he would be my doctor some day.”

Diana Esho BruisingSURGERY: In the process of pushing Diana’s nose back, her nostrils start to become asymmetric. Dr. Nassif realizes he needs to add another step to the procedure, which will ultimately result in a scar on the exterior of her nose. Seeing as how Diana’s asleep under anesthesia, he asks her sister’s permission to continue with the surgery. “I don’t think it could be any worse than what she has right now,” she says. “I know she wants it to be perfect and I trust you.”

Diana has a ton of bruising at her one-day check-in, but she says she’s not feeling any pain at all. Dr. Nassif recommends using a laser to “eat the blood underneath the skin” and help clear up the color.

OUTCOME: Six weeks after the surgery, Diana makes her big reveal to her friends and family. “My smile is so much bigger now,” she says with excitement. “Doesn’t it change my whole face? And I can breathe now because my septum is finally fixed! I feel way more comfortable in my skin.”

Diana Esho Before and After

RealSelf Highlight of the Week:

Episode 5 brought plenty of amazing moments, but one in particular really made us laugh. While lounging in a bikini with her girlfriends, Saaphyri shared this exchange:
SAAPHYRI: You know what the doctor told me? He said that each one of my breasts is 7 pounds. I got INFANTS on my chest, girl. I’m a 36 DDD.
FRIEND 1: Girl, I was an I!
FRIEND 2: My mom was an H.
SAAPHYRI: Wait, what’s first? H or I?
FRIEND 2: You know what? We is NOT having no Jessica Simpson moment right now. And put that areola back in your bikini too!

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