Botched Season 1: Diana Esho Opens Up on Her “Perfect Nose” and What Dr. Nassif Is Really Like — EXCLUSIVE

Jager Weatherby on 21 Jul 2014 at 8:30am

Diana Esho Botched Interview With RealSelf

It took nearly a decade for Diana Esho to get a revision rhinoplasty following an unsuccessful surgery, but as she said on Sunday’s episode of Botched, she always knew it’d be Dr. Nassif to the rescue. “I told my sister, ‘One day, Dr. Nassif will fix my nose. I’ve been saying that for the last eight years.”

Well, fix it Dr. Nassif did! Not only did Diana walk away with the nose she always wanted, but she gained a newfound confidence and the ability to fully breathe for the first time in her entire life.

RealSelf recently caught up with the Botched star to find out how she’s doing following her appearance on the show — and of course, we couldn’t resist getting some inside scoop on Dr. Nassif!

RealSelf: You look so great! How are you doing post-Botched?
Diana Esho:
I am doing better than ever! My healing process was pretty tough on my body but I got stronger every day. I am over the moon ecstatic with my results. I can honestly say that my nose is perfect. It’s gorgeous! But more importantly, I CAN BREATHE! It has been a complete life changer. I can actually sleep through the night, I have tons more energy, and no more headaches. My confidence level has definitely gone up. I finally feel like myself again and I have Dr. Nassif to thank for that.

Diana Esho After BotchedRS: Why did you wait 10 years to get your revision? Was it only because you wanted Dr. Nassif to do it, or were there other reasons as well?
I waited so long in between surgeries mostly because I couldn’t trust another doctor after my first rhinoplasty. When I first saw Dr. Nassif on Dr. 90210, I just knew that he would be the doctor to fix me. I was really young and scared to go through another major surgery, so I just lived with it. As I got older, I went to numerous consultations with plastic surgeons for a revision rhinoplasty. I put so much effort into researching them — hours upon hours. Yet when I would meet with them, I just knew in my gut they weren’t the doctors for me. Many of them even suggested other procedures to go along with the revision! I couldn’t believe it. I was in my 20s and all these doctors were giving me a list of surgeries I should consider. Talk about a blow to your confidence! My mind always went back to Dr. Nassif. Being that I’m Middle Eastern and one of his specialties is ethnic noses, I knew he was the surgeon for me. He was the first doctor in 10 years that was completely on the same page as me. He didn’t want to change my entire appearance; he wanted to help me look like the best version of myself. And that’s exactly what I wanted.

RS: What advice would you give to a friend or family member who was considering plastic surgery?
The first piece of advice I would give anybody would be to call Dr. Nassif’s office and schedule a consultation! Do your research. Read the reviews. Talk to people who have gone through the same surgery you are considering. If you are not confident with your surgeon going into surgery, it’s highly unlikely that you will be confident with your results. Plastic surgery is so accessible here in Southern California, so you really have to do your research before jumping into something so serious.

RS: Was it weird for you to find out that your sister had to make a decision about your surgery while it was happening?
I almost didn’t believe what I was hearing when I was told that my sister had to make a decision on my behalf. She’s younger than me, so naturally I worry about her and try to protect her. I felt so bad that she had that much pressure on her. This was not just part of the show — this was real life! She gave Dr. Nassif the OK to do whatever he felt was necessary to give me the best results. She knew how much I trusted him and had been with me every step of the way. She and I constantly joke that if she had told Dr. Nassif not to cut my nostrils, I would never speak to her again! She definitely made the right decision for me. After all, that’s what sisters are for!

Diana Esho Botched BruisingRS: You had some pretty significant bruising at your Day 1 check-in. How long did it take for that to finally disappear?
I looked terrible at my Day 1 check-in! And that wasn’t even the worst of it. I got worse the few days following the surgery — more swelling and more bruising. But then it slowly started getting better and I got stronger every day. I would say it took a full 3 weeks for my bruising to go away. But looking back, I would go through it all again to be where I am today.

RS: What was the most memorable part of being on Botched? What didn’t we see that you wish we had?
The most memorable part was the whole experience overall. I’m a really private person, so doing this show took me outside of my comfort zone. I wish you could see how much time Dr. Nassif actually spent with me the morning of my surgery. I didn’t even see my surgeon the morning before my first rhinoplasty! Yet Dr. Nassif went over everything he was planning on doing in the operating room. He took his time with me and really made sure I was comfortable and confident going into surgery with him. He and Dr. Dubrow were so friendly and caring the entire time — and they definitely kept us laughing hysterically. The witty banter between the two of them is the real deal!

RS: What's Dr. Nassif really life? Do you have funny behind-the-scenes scoop you can share?
What you see on TV is what you get with Dr. Nassif. He truly is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. In my opinion, he is a Nose God, yet he’s so humble and real. He’s hilarious and watching him interact with Dr. Dubrow made it all so fun! He cares about every single one of his patients. Not to mention, he’s smoking hot! What more could you want in the person who’s performing major surgery on you?!

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