Botched Season 1: How Is Alicia Jenkins (and Her Former Uniboob) Doing Now? — EXCLUSIVE

Chako S. on 30 Jun 2014 at 11:30pm

Botched star Alicia Jenkins before her surgery and revision

We had a lot of feelings while watching Botched star Alicia Jenkins struggle with motherhood because of the breast augmentation that resulted in a painful uniboob. It turns out, we weren’t the only one with tears in our eyes! She admits to RealSelf, “I've already seen the show, but of course I'm still watching it with the world. This time, in tears.”

If you remember the shocking premiere episode, Dr. Terry Dubrow did an astounding revision, even convincing Alicia to go with a smaller implant when she wanted to go bigger. At the end of the episode, Alicia killed it with confidence during her bikini shoot unveiling — and how cute and supportive was her husband during the whole thing? We catch up with the Botched star to find out how she’s doing now and get some juicy behind-the-scenes scoop.

RealSelf: Could you give us a quick update on how you're doing after appearing on Botched? Do you feel like you are a better mom and more self confident?
Alicia Jenkins: As of now, I’m still healing. I’m 1000 times better, but I am still having some pain. Dr. Dubrow says it will take a while for the stitches to break down and scar tissue to fully form, so that’s where most of the pain comes from. Also, I only went five weeks in between the two reconstructive surgeries, so there is still a lot of nerve healing. But really, it’s minimal compared to what I was living with. I feel normal. I’m not worried about making sure the symmastia doesn’t show when I’m getting dressed. So yes, that makes me a very happy, confident girl!

Botched star Alicia Jenkins with symmastia and after Dr. Dubrow's breast implant revision.

RS: What didn't we see on the show that you WISH we had? Any behind-the-scenes scoop?

AJ: I think what the show didn’t show that I wished it had was some of the recovery process. For me, it was EXTREMELY difficult. I’m a full-time mom to a 2-year-old. I run my bikini business Dirt Dames and run the household, so two surgeries spaced only five weeks apart was INSANE.

My husband had to work during the week, so I would have to have my mom or aunt help watch my son. There were days that they couldn’t be there, so I was lifting him before I was OK’d to do so. I had to kick the pain meds days after surgery because I couldn’t exactly be doped up with my child at home. Of course, I don’t want people to see me struggling, but I also don’t want people to think we all popped in and out for MAJOR reconstructive surgery. There was nothing easy or quick about it. Heck, I’m still recovering and my surgery was months ago!

RS: Do you miss your bigger boobs? Or regret going against Dr. Dubrow's advice to go smaller? Why did you originally want to go with the bigger boobs for your revision?
AJ: I actually don’t miss them. I had my son in June 2012, and after breastfeeding him, my left breast was about a B cup and my right breast was about a D cup. Every time I would bend over to pick him up, my bra would twist off of my chest.

To have them corrected, I needed a lift to get them off my belly and implants to fill them back up and make them perky again. In other words: I wanted them the same size they were before my son. The first surgeon never explained how to choose the right size for me. As you can see during filming, once Dr. Dubrow explained size and showed me what a 350/400cc implant would look like, it was perfect! In my own thinking, I couldn’t justify going through three surgeries and still not having what I always had naturally. What Dr. Dubrow gave me is my original breast size! So, yes, I am TOTALLY happy with them!

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Botched star Alicia Jenkins and her husbandRS: Your husband was so cute and supportive! How important is having a supportive partner in an invasive procedure like this?
AJ: He is pretty cute. He is glad that it’s fixed, and that I can take care of our son without feeling like I’m dying every day. Before the show, I actually had to get two EKGs because my heart rate wasn’t returning to normal like it should due to the placement and weight of my implants. I don’t have that problem now!

It truly is SO important to have a supportive partner. I wouldn't have been able to go through it all if he weren't. He had his moments where he was over it all, but then again so did I. I've never been a dependent person, so having to ask him to do things like help me in and out of the shower, go to the bathroom, put my shirts on, or get in and out of bed was MISERABLE. He was always bugging me to take my pain meds — even getting Dr. Dubrow to harp on me to take them — but now that I look back it was probably so I'd shut up and stop complaining! Ha ha!

RS: Will you share your story with your son when he gets older?
AJ: I will DEFINITELY share my story with Gunnar when he’s older — I have Botched to thank for that! After my symmastia started to develop, I was having HORRIFIC, non-stop pain. One night, I went to the local urgent care, and my nurse happened to know who my surgeon was — she referred to him as “the boobie butcher!” I was SHOCKED! I actually posted my story on RealSelf when I was four months post-op, and got all the info I needed to confirm that I had symmastia.

I was botched and the doctor had NO compassion for it. In fact, he told me to wait and see if it was something I could live with. Ummmm, hello? Did you see my photos? I cry just looking back at them! I hope that my son is proud of me for standing up for myself. I hope that my story helps someone else with this! I was wronged, and I didn’t hide in the dark about it.

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