Botched Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Model Lacey Wildd Wants Even Bigger "Mega Boobs"

11 Aug 2014 at 3:30am

After hitting us with an unexpected two-week hiatus, Botched returned this week (in an all-new 10:30 timeslot) with more exciting and life-changing stories. We watched as plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow took on cases many doctors would walk away from, including a woman with “alien boobs”, a model who had pig skin implanted into her body (yes, really), and a woman who choose to stay awake during her tummy tuck.

If for some reason you didn’t tune into this real-life drama, we’re here to recap all the highlights from Botched Season 1, Episode 7. Read on for all the scoop, then make sure to watch our exclusive after show with Dr. Nassif himself!


Salina Before

Salina was always been very insecure about her body, saying that her flat chest made her feel like less of a woman. She decided to get implants in 2004, but was too excited by the idea to spend time doing the proper research. “I just went to the first person I found online,” she reveals.

PROBLEM: “Alien Boobs”
⇼ Salina woke up after surgery and was immediately unhappy. Her breasts were hard and overly round, but she couldn’t afford to get a revision. She lived with those implants for nearly 10 years, then finally opted to get another surgery to correct the problem.
⇼ Salina couldn’t wait to see her new breasts, so she took off her surgical bra against her doctor’s orders. Unfortunately, what she saw was worse than the first time. Not only were her breasts uneven and rippled, but one was hanging significantly lower than the other.

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Dr. Dubrow decides to take on the case
⇼ Doctor Dubrow examines Salina’s breast and sees just how thin her skin really is. “Her breast implants look really unnatural,” he says. “Her skin is so thin that if it weren’t for the scar tissue, you could read the label on the implant.”
⇼ Dubrow also sees that Salina has capsular contracture, which is essentially scar tissue that has surrounded the implant. While this outcome normally isn’t a good thing, in Salina’s case it is. “It thickened up your breast tissue,” Dr. Dubrow explains. “We can sew in some mesh material that will allow some scar tissue to grow in.” Terry warns Salina that the process is going to take time to heal, and that she needs to follow his instructions.

Dr. Dubrow removes Salina’s implants and is shocked to find that they’re significantly larger than he thought (meaning she has even less tissue than he originally anticipated). He sews in mesh to help line the breasts, then places new implants roughly the same size as the last.

Salina’s seven-day check-in goes exactly as they hoped. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of infection or complication, but Terry demands that she continue to follow her post-surgery directions in order to keep it that way.

Salina Before and After

With a newfound confidence in her sex appeal, Salina takes her boyfriend to a lingerie boutique. She slips into the dressing room and comes back out wearing a lace corset, matching underwear, and thigh-high stockings. “I could never imagine going lingerie shopping before,” she explains. “Now I feel super sexy. Eric is falling even more in love with me, and not because I look sexier, but because he sees this whole new confident me.”

Lacey Wildd

Lacey WilddLacey Wildd is an actress, reality TV personality, and model who’s become known for her extreme body modifications. With a current breast size of LLL, Lacey’s boobs weigh a whopping 21 pounds. Unsurprisingly, Lacey’s endured quite a bit of complications from the size of her breasts. Her pec muscle ripped due to holding too much weight, and her veins also ripped causing internal bleeding. “That was a big reality check for me,” she explains. “I realized, I’m playing with fire here and I could lose my breasts for good.” In order to counteract the dangerous side effects of massive implants, Lacey had pig skin implanted into her body to help hold up the weight of her breasts.

Wants “Mega Boobs”
⇼ Lacey prides herself on being part of the “mega-boob” club, but she’s not entirely satisfied. “There’s a list in the Guinness World Records. I think I’m like number six now, but I do intend on being one of the top three in the world. So I really, really want QQQs.”

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Drs. Nassif and Dubrow decide to pass on the case
⇼ Dr. Dubrow examines Lacey’s breasts and can’t resist poking a little fun at Dr. Nassif. “Not including Paul’s breasts that I saw in the locker room the other day, these are the biggest breasts that I’ve ever seen.
⇼ Lacey shows the doctors just how stretched out her skin has become by telling them to turn off the light and put a flashlight up to her breasts. Not only are all of her veins completely visible, but you can even see the blood flowing through them. Despite being in awe of this little “science project,” Terry can’t agree to perform the surgery. “My best guesstimate is that if you go more than 15% bigger, you’re going to burst through your skin!” he exclaims. “It’s scary. You’re going to end up a breast cripple.”


Christina Before

Christina wasn’t happy with the way her body looked after having three kids, so once she and her husband split up, she started thinking about getting a tummy tuck to improve her confidence in the dating world.

⇼ Christina was appalled by what happened following her surgery. “They literally had me stand up 10 minutes after I woke up and they were like, ‘Okay, bye.’” It wasn’t long after that Christina started to see her stomach opening up and a greenish-yellow discharge coming out of it. She made an appointment with her surgeon who basically blew her off, telling her it wasn’t a big deal and that it would heal on its own. She decided to get a second opinion from a general practitioner, who informed her that she had contracted a bacterial infection known as MRSA.

Dr.Dubrow decides to take on the case
⇼ Before Christina arrives for her consultation, Dr. Dubrow explains the seriousness of MRSA: “It is a dangerous bacteria. It can lead to a flesh-eating disease. It can spread throughout your body, cut off your limbs, get into your eyes and make you blind, and kill you.”
⇼ Dr. Dubrow examines Christina and says that everything is fixable, but that she has a higher risk of infection due to her previous problems. Christina decides that, despite the possible outcome, she needs to go through with the procedure to feel good about herself.

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Christina’s incredibly anxious going into surgery, revealing that she even had a few breakdowns the day before. Given that she’s so worried about being put under, Christina’s decided to use only IV sedation and stay awake during the procedure. Her panic disorder causes her to freak out over the slightest sensation, making the surgery a bit of an “anesthetic rollercoaster.”

Christina arrives for her one-day check-in and already feels better than she did following her previous procedure. Her stomach looks flat, her belly-button no longer “looks like a vagina,” and there doesn’t appear to any sign of infection.

Christina Before and After

Six weeks after surgery, Christina’s ready to reveal her new body to her friends. She meets them at a restaurant, where she struts in wearing a sexy crop top and booty-hugging jeans. “I feel amazing,” she says. “My self-confidence is back, I feel like I can start dating, and I can really put myself out there. I want to wear a bathing suit to the grocery store!”


Episode 7 brought plenty of amazing moments (especially from Lacey), but one in particular really made us laugh. While talking during their consultation, Lacey and Terry shared this exchange:
TERRY: Is it difficult to have relations [with the size of your breasts]?
LACEY: It’s more enhanced. Sex is amazing. My body does a double-clap when I’m having sex! From behind, my butt claps and my boobs clap at the same time!
TERRY: It’s like a standing ovation! ...Except it’s lying down.

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