Would You Book a Ticket Down South For a Surgery Deal? Some Women Are Doing It and Here's Why

Chako S. on 29 May 2014 at 9:00am

Plastic surgery costs in America: Breast augmentation prices are more competitive in the south!
Wait, how much did she pay for that?! And how much would you pay for a new nose? A mommy makeover?

Whether you’re comparison shopping for getting some “work” done (or just really curious), you’re not the only one wondering. Annual US spending on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures topped a whopping $12 billion last year, which means more and more Americans are investing in their looks than ever before.

How much each person is willing to spend is another thing altogether -- well, how much and how far one would go to find the most competitive price. With surprising price differences for surgery costs across US regions, you might not have to go as far as you think.

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RealSelf member Iris34 shared her breast augmentation journey that took her from her home in Harrisburg, PA, down to big city Miami, FL. She made the decision to travel south solo because Miami has “a more competitive price vs the cost of where I live.” She also planned to visit and stay with her sister who lives in Miami, and recuperate quietly away from her husband and 2 children.

There were certainly challenges with having a doctor out of town: lots of phone conferences, no pre-op in-person appointments and post-op visits also require travel and thus money. Iris34 even worried about trusting her plastic surgeon with making her new breasts look natural, “He knows I want a more conservative look, that I don't want the Miami big boobs most people have around here.“

Despite these things, she turned out pleased with both her results and the price she paid, “Overall I'm happy with my experience [...] I got a great surgeon with awesome skills at a competitive price.“

A RealSelf community member shared these photos of herself before and after breast augmentation
Caption: Iris34 shared these breast augmentation before and after pictures. 

Iris34 had the right idea: The south is where you might want to head for competitive pricing on some top cosmetic procedures. As of today, you can now see pricing for the most popular cosmetic procedures around the country and how your state stacks with RealSelf’s new interactive map. Our quick visual guide to the average national and state-by-state costs for Botox, Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and tummy tuck. (If the procedure you’re interested in isn’t listed in our cost map, you can always get general average costs on our Treatments page.)

See the map here: realself.com/cost-of-plastic-surgery-by-state

Powered by data from thousands of our user-reported costs, the map showcases significant disparity in prices:

  • Breast Augmentation costs 96% more in New York than in Alabama
  • Rhinoplasty costs 47% more in New York than in South Carolina
  • Tummy Tuck costs 24% more in California than in Florida
  • A Brazilian Butt Lift costs 52% more in Georgia than in Washington
  • Botox consumers in New York spend 100% more than those in Oklahoma
Here’s one way to use the map: If you’re considering a breast augmentation, the southern states have the lowest costs in the nation. While price should never be the top determining factor when choosing a surgeon, you might consider hopping a few state lines down to save a chunk of change. You can then use our Find a Doctor page to find the right doctor for you. Easy peasy.

To coincide with the creation of the map, RealSelf worked to validate the cost data with over 100 board certified plastic surgeons’ and cosmetic dermatologists’ offices in 10 US cities. The large majority of the practices provided a verbal price quote upon request, and the sample findings closely mirrored the averages calculated by the RealSelf data:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift – RealSelf Average: $8,188 / Market Average: $8,992
  • Breast Augmentation – RealSelf Average: $6,296 / Market Average: $6,338
  • Rhinoplasty – RealSelf Average: $7,143 / Market Average: $7,552
  • Tummy Tuck – RealSelf Average: $8,454 / Market Average: $9,340
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