Blonde Laser Hair Removal is Now a Reality

Princess 19 on 10 Jan 2012 at 10:30am

Did you know that laser hair removal for blonde hair is few and far between?  Ask any blonde (we mean real not bottle blonde, people) and she or he will tell you that there have been no true laser options for fair-haired individuals.  But now a technology emerging from Israel solves that obstacle by using of all things, ultrasound waves.

The distribution name of the new device is called Applisonix (aka known as Selectif).  It is basically a high-tech tweezer that sends ultrasound waves through the tips of tweezers.  When the tweezers grasp a hair, the ultrasound wave creates heat and destroys the hair AND the hair follicle, which stunts the growth of future hair in it's place. 

The wave is pinpointed to just the hair and follicle itself.  Therefore, no skin is burned or harmed during the procedure.  The claims are that this device can be used on all skin types, all hair types and any area of the body.

Selctif via the Applisonix website

Why is this such great news for blondes?  Because, according to doctors, blonde or light hair can not (or rarely) can be removed via laser.

"Laser hair removal works when the pigment (color) in the hair absorbs the light energy of the laser. This in turn heats up the hair and causes the small blood vessel that feeds the hair to close," says Dr. Harold Kaplan.

"The problem with fine colorless hair is that it does not absorb the light energy of the laser," he adds.  "Instead of the light and heat being absorbed by the hair, it is absorbed in the surrounding skin. Because the light energy is not concentrated in the hair follicle, the blood vessel remains intact and the hair will still grow."

It is also advised that to have this procedure be most effective, one must GROW their hair to "tweeze-able" length.  This may not be a happy note for some.  But, at a 38% success rate, worth the unsightly risk?

But, before all you lovely flaxen-haired folks go flocking to your doctor, Applisonix is still waiting for FDA approval to be distributed in the US (wah-wah...).  They do have it in Canada, Mexico, or Europe though.  Heck, the Euros may even get a home version, soon.  Maybe it will be sold in Sweden first, as they seem to have their fair share of fair-haired. 

Americans can still remove hair at home, it might just be a bit more painful.

Check out the lovely PR video for the device below.  The water in the beginning was meant to feel peaceful, but it really gave one more an urge to go tinkle.

Photo credit: iStockphoto and Applisonix