Before and After BBL: My Butt Is Like Two Super-Sized Marshmallows

Nicole Karlis on 29 Oct 2013 at 9:00am

Veronica Matlock before and after brazilian butt lift BBL

Veronica Matlock is a mom of two and full-time registered nurse. She's also the wife of Dr. David Matlock, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon famously known for labiaplasty. Dr. Matlock first saw Veronica as a patient -- but after a courtship that included liposuction, new breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift -- they married. This is the story of her Brazilian butt lift. In her own words.

I had seen another patient of his [Dr. Matlock] and was so impressed. Her butt was high and round. I said, "I want my butt to look like Jasmine's and I'm going to get liposuction, too."

before Brazilian butt lift Veronica Matlock

I probably gained 13 or 14 pounds [to prepare for the BBL] which I had a lot of fun doing. Me, I love food. Going out and having my wine ... it was the first time in my life, other than when I was pregnant, that I could eat guilt-free.

My diet was anything my heart desired. Lots of carbs ... pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top. Oh my gosh, yes. I probably ate that four nights a week.

For the women who have a hard time gaining [weight], my husband will [prescribe] protein shakes and tell them what to eat. But I didn't have any problems. It took me two months [to gain the weight] and honestly, I wasn't worried that I'd be pudgy afterward. 

After Brazilian Butt Lift Veronica Matlock

I just had fun with it. I knew he'd [Dr. Matlock] suck it all out. [In the surgery] he took fat from my stomach, thighs, and the bra area where my "back fat" was. He took some from underneath my chin, too.

The recovery wasn't bad because after a couple days, you could go back to work. It's not like you can't walk or sit -- but your butt is sore, it feels like you've done a really hard workout. Like doing weights, lunges, and squats -- and the next day you say, "Ow, ow, ow!" That's the best way to describe it.

[Trying my clothes on for the first time after surgery] was fabulous. I was just so happy and loved my profile. I filled out my jeans and in dresses, it gave me an hourglass figure. It wasn't too big, it was perfect.

I would say my butt is like two super-sized marshmallows ...