Out With Angelina Jolie's Nose, In With Megan Fox Says Surgeon

MakenzieR on 29 Jun 2012 at 5:00pm

Megan Fox plastic surgery noseWho has the ideal Hollywood nose? Megan Fox, says Dr. Paul Nassif, a facial plastic surgeon and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsHe lists Fox as this year's most requested celebrity nose.

Previous frontrunner, Angelina Jolie, had more of a "cutesy nose," said Dr. Nassif on KCAL TV. "Now we're looking at a little bit more of a Grace Kelly from the old days, or now Megan Fox."

He describes the ideal as long and elegant: "When I mean long, it's just that it comes straight down and the tip rides up a little bit. Not a scoop."

Though it may be frequently requested, Dr. Nassif notes that not everyone is suited for that kind of nose. "I have to only do what's going to fit that person's face. A lot of patients will come in with photos that won't match at all what I can do on their face. Completely different. So, I have to be realistic." He suggests browsing before and after photos to find folks who match your face shape. 

Watch the full clip:

(Side note: the majority of RealSelf surgeons agree that requesting a celeb feature can both help and hinder).

Who do you think has the "ideal" nose? 

Photo credit: Luke Ford