93% Say Male Tummy Tucks are Worth It

K. Mathews on 23 Jan 2012 at 8:15am

Tummy tucks are popular amongst women, but there are plenty of males who are self-conscious about their beer bellies. Men who exercise their way to significant weight loss seem particularly fond of the procedure, looking to lose the excess skin and show off the physique they've worked so hard to attain. In fact, a whopping 93% of men posting on RealSelf declared their tummy tucks Worth It. 

It's no surprise why when you see the before and after photos. Here are six guys who have undergone some fantastic transformations:

Dr. S. Sean Younai

Dr. David Stoker

Dr. David Stoker

Dr. Elan B. Singer

Dr. Robert N. Young

Dr. Anire Okpaku

P.S. The male tummy tuck is the 6th highest-rated procedure on RealSelf (as of publishing).