After Breast Reconstruction: My Journey Back to Sexy

VVartanian on 12 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

cindy588 after breast reconstruction photoRealSelf community member Cindy588 is a 50 year-old Minnesotan mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She started her breast reconstruction journey last fall. 

This is her story. In her own words.

For the eight years following my mastectomy, I wore a prosthetic silicone breast that went inside my special mastectomy bra. That was hard. You couldn't wear a lot of things because the bra came up so high -- and it was uncomfortable and sweaty. My chest was concave, flat [and scarred]. Looking in the mirror after mastectomy was devastating.

I changed my medical insurance last July -- and it said on the front cover [of the booklet] that they covered breast reconstruction.

I chose high, round, "gummy bear" implants on both sides, so they would look natural and have some symmetry. Then, I joined the gym. I was 20 pounds overweight said to myself, "I've got to get this body to line up with these new boobs!" 

At first, my husband didn't want me to put myself through any more pain, but he was supportive because he knew it was something I wanted. 

And when it was done ... I can't tell you how much things have changed! I also had my areola and nipple tattooed and I am amazed at how well it turned out! Although, it did fade and I'll have to do a touch-up.

Being down to 134 pounds and having breasts -- you just feel so healthy and so good. What a blessing. All in all ... it's been a wonderful journey back to sexy!

I just got a Groupon for boudoir photos. They do your hair, makeup and you have three wardrobe changes. I said, "I'm so doing it!"  I used to be so shy. And now, I'm like, "Come on with it!  I want to live!"

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