From Injectables to Implants - 10 Photos Before + After Lip Plumping

VVartanian on 3 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

scarlett johannsen lips

So what if you didn't wake up this morning with a full-lipped look (a la Miss Scarlett). That doesn't mean that you can't plan for plumper tomorrow. Here's some injectable inspiration from the RealSelf community ... 10 before and after lip augmentation pics ... just for you.

1. Wanted to try Restylane, but didn't want to "look like a duck".

before after restylane lips

"Now that some time has passed, I have to say I am not 100% satisfied. I had a bump on the lower lip, right side. With the bump, was a dark blue mark. Months later, it finally went down. -Bubi17

2. Her sister is going to get PermaLip surgery, too.

before after permalip photos

"So far I am in love! I would definitely recommend [PermaLip] to everyone that wants fuller lips. I did Restylane once and was like, "I can't afford this every 4 to 6 months." -xhavefaithx

3. Would definitely give Juvederm another go-round.before after juvederm lips

"I’ve never had problems with needles - but my palms did get sweaty when she was injecting the Novocaine for the nerve block. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on a beach. All in all, I couldn't feel much of anything." -RLJ

4. Says the only drawback of fat transfer is re-learning how to whistle

before after fat transfer to lips

"I went in for Brazilian butt lift and had fat transferred to my lips! I love my results! I might have more fat added when I have my tummy tuck!" -LADYB2011

5.  Went into surgeon's to talk about breast implants - and decided to get a lip lift.

before after lip lift and fat transfer

"Nose is still itchy on the inside and you can still see marks, but over all, I'm feeling much better. Wish my lips were bigger though ..." - adnama_wpg

6. Loves how her lips look after Restylane
before after lip augmentation restylane

"My lips LOOK amazing but they FEEL like a bean bag chair when I press them together. Please tell me this is not going to last, it's a creepy feeling and really bothering me." -Lsbthchmpgn

7.  Trepidatious about giving Juvederm a second try.juvederm before after nasolabial folds

"I was apprehensive as year ago, I had gone for a lip injection and I walked out with a huge 'duck' lip. [The second time around] my lips looked so wonderful that my work friends didn't know I had it done!" -ChrisMay

8. Done with fillers and waited patiently to try PermaLip

before after permalip 22

"My implants looked great in the beginning, but it's been determined that I will need to have them redone completely. I will be scheduling a surgery to have both top and bottom taken out and [properly placed]." -MorganJs

9. Alternates between Perlane and Juvederm -- but prefers Perlane before after perlane for lips

"I love my fillers! My doctor also uses Perlane at the bridge of my nose, and it makes my nose seem straighter. I am too scared to get a full-on rhinoplasty!" -Scottsdale1247

10. Wanted to show more teeth - so went with a lip lift.

lip lift zero teeth show

"I didn't necessary want a 'poutier' upper lip, I just wanted more tooth show (I had zero tooth show) and I wanted my upper lip to be a little 'wider'" -Barnaby

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