Boob Envy: 10 Too-Good-To-Be-True Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos

VVartanian on 24 Jun 2014 at 4:00pm

Every day we witness incredible transformations in cup size (and self-confidence) in the RealSelf community — and some stories are too good not to share.
So, today we're showcasing the 10 most talked about breast augmentation transformations, the ones the RealSelfers commented on the most. Take a peek at these before-and-after pics, along with some post-op updates...

1. NoMoreBoobEnvy: Wanted Breast Implants For 16+ Years

woman in purple bra before and after breast implants photo
"I finally got to show the girls off! We had such a cold winter that I literally have been bundled up until last week! I am loving them — they feel natural and soft, like I have had them my whole life!"

2. Limaboro: Breastfed Five Children (Two Are Twins!)

woman in bikini before and after breast augmentation photo
"I actually ended slightly bigger than [my] ideal photo, but the shape was the same. Can more than live with it :)"

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3. Serena75: Mom of Two Who Wanted More Volume

before and after breast augmentation photo
"I got the 425 mod + unders... I was obsessing over size... which was a waste. Lol — they look huge nude and small clothed which I LOVE!!!!"

4. luvmyhuskies: Gave Herself Implants for Her 39th Birthday

woman in pink bra before and after breast augmentation photo
"I just want a little more cleavage and a little bit bigger size. My husband likes the size but he also liked my tiny A's so he's no help!"

5. Ravensgal: 42 Year-Old Runner

woman in red bikini before and after breast augmentation photo
"I love them, don't get me wrong, but they seem a bit large some days... other days not..."

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6. sahmiam: Stay-at-Home Mom From Orange County

woman in black and white sundress before and after breast augmentation
"I was afraid that I wouldn't get used to them but I absolutely have! They DO look like my 'before boobs' — only bigger..."

7. SweetAmy0787: All The Ladies in Her Family Are D Cups

"I'm very happy. I love them, they really look very natural. What a change when I dress up! Finally I feel like a real woman!"

8. Angel 1981: 31 Year-Old Figure Competitor

woman before and after breast implant photo
"I love them BUT I wish they were bigger and higher...  So, in the future I will be going bigger and possibly [getting] an internal lift..."

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9. musicalsoul82: 29 Year-Old Who Says She Can Barely Fit Into an A Cup

woman in grey shirt before and after breast augmentation
"My size is right for me and is very well proportioned to my body. At 5'3, 112lbs, a C cup is perfect for my little petite self!"

10. MissMae: Wanted Implants Since She Was a Teenager

woman in pink tank top before and after breast augmentation
"I ended up a little bigger than I was expecting and at times, I feel like I'm not quite used to their size... but in no way am I complaining!"

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