Not Your Mama’s Facelift: The New Spectrum of Facelifting


You’re looking a little tired. The wrinkles are becoming more apparent on your face. You’ve begun to pull your cheeks up when you look in the mirror and admire them in a higher position, which also pulls up the jowls and reveal a prettier jawline. You’ve seen the commercials and wonder... maybe it’s finally time for a little Botox. Perhaps a filler would do the trick. You make the call and come in for a consult.

But what happens when I suggest a facelift is what you need? If you still think of the facelift as a drastic, old woman’s procedure, chances are you’ll be shocked, taken aback, maybe even a little offended.

The truth is, the facelift today isn’t the facelift of your mother’s generation. In fact, a “facelift” isn’t simply a single procedure. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the mini to the mid-face, the brow to the neck—all of these can give a lift to the face right where it needs it. And when it comes to numbers, chronological age doesn't matter as much as physical age or individual anatomy. Any one of the variety of facelifting procedures available today may be the best solution for treating signs of premature aging caused by years of unprotected sun exposure and environmental pollutants or genetic predispositions to early jowling, drooping eyelids, or other anatomical concern.

The bottom line is, the idea that a facelift is drastic and is indicated for “old” age, is a fallacy. Any number of less drastic to more traditional procedures can effectively give a lift to the face. The key is to have a qualified aesthetic facial surgeon evaluate your face, listen carefully to your concerns, and recommend the right procedure that will deliver the best and safest results. In my experience, the most satisfied patient are facelifts patients.

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Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon