More Young Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery: The Rise of "Richface"


More young women are flocking to plastic surgery clinics across Toronto, Canada and North America than ever before. From Botox to breast augmentation, these women are becoming a bigger portion of those seeking plastic surgery. It's something we haven't witnessed in decades past. Plastic surgery is constantly in the limelight. We've all seen the photos of Kim Kardashian's curvaceous body that has dominated magazine covers or Kylie Jenner's oversized pout that has taken over social media.

"We're seeing more young women opting for plastic surgery than we ever have before", says Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Adibfar. "They're turning to cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery as a way to alter their appearance as they pursue their version of beauty."

A recent Globe and Mail article took an in-depth look at this rising trend and found that "the American Society of Plastic Surgeons last year reported that in female patients aged 20 to 29, face-shaping cosmetic procedures were on the rise: Requests for hyaluronic acid fillers were up by almost 10 percent, while Botox and chemical peels saw similar upticks."

The article also noted that these young women aren't just pursuing beauty; they are using plastic surgery as a means to get what the report calls "richface." The article also argues that this demographic sees noticeable cosmetic surgery enhancements as a status symbol.

"The plastic surgery industry has drastically changed over the past few years. While many of our patients would never admit to undergoing cosmetic enhancements, this younger demographic sees it as a symbol of beauty and is proud of it," says Dr. Adibfar. "These younger women see plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements as a normal part of their beauty regime whereas patients in their 50s or 60s often see plastic surgery as a means to address an area of concern."

Whether it has been the influence of celebrities from Hollywood or the rise of social media, it's evident that plastic surgery among the younger generation is here to stay. And while the pursuit of beauty is different for everyone, the most important thing is to manage the plastic surgery experience.

"We've heard about the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge that took social media and the Internet by storm. These types of DIY cosmetic augmentation challenges and over-the-top plastic surgery procedures have the ability to significantly affect a person's body," says Dr. Adibfar. "I cannot stress enough how critical it is to partner with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you're considering a cosmetic enhancement procedure, regardless of how old you are. It's not our place to judge the age of our patients, but it is our job to ensure they're undergoing plastic surgery in the safest manner possible. It's about delivering beautiful and natural results."

Many young women who use plastic surgery as a fashion statement or status symbol can run the risk of making irrational decisions. These women can use Botox and fillers to enlarge parts of their body in an effort to stand out. "Botox and fillers can deliver incredible results, but if administered improperly or they are overused, the end result is unnatural," explains Dr. Adibfar.

Plastic surgery: What's too young?
In Canada, there aren't any defined rules or regulations when it comes to age limits for those seeking cosmetic enhancements. "Our plastic surgery team recommends that those considering treatments like Botox or fillers should only undergo these procedures once they have fully developed physically," Dr. Adibfar says. "If plastic surgery is performed on a person whose body isn't done developing, there is a risk of the treated area becoming unbalanced and unnatural as the body continues to evolve." It's important to approach each patient individually and review their specific needs and body before performing any cosmetic enhancement.

"The unfortunate thing is that some young people will undergo Botox or fillers at places that do not have a board-certified plastic surgeon, the right training, or the right products," adds Dr. Adibfar. "This can lead to many issues from infections to unnatural results."

Whether young women are seeking to adjust their appearance only slightly or make a fashion statement, we cannot stress enough how important partnering with a trusted plastic surgery clinic is from a health and safety perspective. Opting for cheap and quick is never a good idea when it comes to a person's body and beauty.
We all want to be the most beautiful version of ourselves. That means something different for everyone.

Whether it's a facelift or tummy tuck to address certain areas that have been affected by the natural aging process, or Botox or fillers to get that sexy celebrity look, beauty comes in all shapes and forms.

"We work closely with our patients and undergo a very in-depth initial consultative process to determine the best and safest plastic surgery procedures that can deliver the results they want," Dr. Adibfar explains. "Our team of highly experienced plastic surgery professionals uses the most advanced technology, processes, and products to ensure the end results are beautiful, harmonized, and natural-looking."

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