Is it worth ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians?


In the year 2014, Kim Kardashian was the most searched celebrity on Google- and with her name on everything from hair extensions to multiple reality TV shows, it’s not hard to see why. Recently though, Kardashian has been associated with another, slightly different field: plastic surgery.  A self-confessed Kim K. “superfan”, Jordan James Parke, a professional makeup artist based in the United Kingdom has recently gained his own 15 minutes of fame, for undergoing $156,000 of surgery to look like his idol. The 23 year old has undergone more than 50 cosmetic procedures to look like Kim, including Botox, lip and cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos and laser hair removal. He is quoted, “Whenever I see a new procedure, I have to try it. I’m in the clinic so often I get a discount. I do borrow money off my family. But I have worked hard, in sales and at a health club. (Courtesy of Mirror.Co.UK) At what cost does the price of surgery come though? Recently, we have discussed this case in particular in the office after the topic came up via a few patients. Like Mr. Parke, we have had patients that want multiple rhinoplasties, or fillers. Though the patient often thinks that it is in his or her best interest, Dr. Guida feels very strongly about keeping within his professional opinion. “No amount of money offered will sway my professional opinion in doing what I feel is best for the patient,” says Dr. Robert Guida. “More is not always best, and I will not, at any time, put a patient’s health or happiness at risk if professionally, I feel that the patient is better off without the procedure in question.”An example of this case can be found in the revision rhinoplasty. We have had patients with absolutely gorgeous aesthetic results, yet they often become obsessed with a certain aspect of the nose, and want to continually alter it. While this may seem like it is a good idea cosmetically, often the patient’s health can be in danger if the surgeon keeps operating on the patient. The nasal cartilages are structures in the nose that provide form and support, but if they are manipulated too many times, the cartilage will collapse and cause a multitude of heath issues.  Another well-known lookalike, Justin Jedlica, the Human Ken doll, recently underwent a procedure to remove veins in his forehead. “As a very detail oriented person I always find something new to critique and fix,” he told The Daily Mail. “Most recently I had three veins in my forehead stripped and ablated as every time I would smile or laugh they would pop out … It was a high-risk procedure because there was a possibility I could go blind as they needed to go in through the inside of my eyelids in order to burn the veins off.” While Jordan & Justin may not have any health issues as of yet, we do advise them both to be careful, and research every procedure that they are considering at length.“The health of the patient should always come first and foremost,” states Dr. Robert Guida.
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