The Wonderful World of Body Lifts


Body contouring can come in a variety of forms, and many treatment options can address
particular areas of the body that are surgical and nonsurgical. The most dramatic body
contouring procedures, however, are body lift surgeries because they address sculpting of the
body in fine detail. Often these areas that require definition and added aesthetic beauty are
conducted through body lift surgical procedures.

During a complete body lift procedure, excess fat and lax skin are removed from the body, to
tighten and lift the supporting tissues. Clients that undergo these body lift procedures are
patients that have previously lost significant weight and want any redundancy in the skin
removed to further tone and define their newly found features. Body lifts are the perfect
supplementary procedure that adds the finishing touches to your body. There are body lift
procedures for the upper and lower portion of the body, which can all be done together or
separately, depending on what specifically clients would like to focus.

Upper Body Lift Procedures:

Breast Lift
Ageing, childbearing, breastfeeding, and lifestyle can have adverse effects on the sagging of
ligaments and skin within the breasts. A breast lift will help to raise the areola-nipple complex to
a higher position and reshape the breasts to look youthful and vibrant. Your breasts and
confidence will get a lift.

Arm Lift
No one wants extra skin under the arms that shakes every time you wave or shake salt and
pepper onto your food. An arm lift will help those looking to tone these stubborn areas of uneven
fatty tissues and excess skin. The definition in the arms will change the way you look in your
clothes and how you carry yourself.

Back Lift
Often the area behind and slightly below the shoulder blades accumulates fat or naturally sags
depending on the activities your perform on a daily basis. These issues with sagging skin can
come from ageing and genetics as well. The back lift will address the lower back to prevent any
back roll and remove leftover fatty deposits from previous weight loss or stubborn fat pockets,
allowing back muscles to shine through.

Lower Body Lift Procedures:

Abdomen and Flank Lift
These two procedures are essentially tummy tuck and an extended tummy tuck procedure
combined. Depending on how much weight you’ve lost or what you would like to tone, you may
need to address all sides of the abdomen and flank to get rid of excess skin hanging from the
tummy or to avoid love handles. This procedure will tighten the supporting abdominal and flank
muscles, followed by trimming of the overlying skin. Muscles in the abdominal area will become
more prominent and toned, often offering patients a more defined stomach than ever before.

Thigh Lift
A thigh lift will focus entirely on the thighs; the inner thighs that tend to rub together or sag and
the outer thighs that may have extra jiggling skin. Thighs are completely reshaped to
complement the lower half of the body. A thigh lift can be combined with a butt lift and
abdominal lift to optimise results.

Buttock Lift
You’ve tried everything to lift your gluteus muscles, but nothing has worked. The majority of
people in the world forget about these muscles throughout their daily activities; incessant sitting
at desks and driving hour long commutes can leave these muscles feeling underworked and left
to droop and sag. A buttock lift will tighten the muscles in the buttocks to lift and reshape the
area enhanced by tightening the skin. Your butt will look amazing in those jeans!
Through the right combination of body lift procedures, your body can achieve its previous
youthful appearance before life took over and changed everything. 
Article by
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon