Winning The War on Hair Loss – How Two doctors are Rescuing Hair with 21st Century “Hair Cloning”


AVENUE MAGAZINE (MARCH 2012) You’re losing hair. Looking into the mirror and seeing the hair you once took for granted disappear can be devastating. More than 50% of men are affected by hair loss. It affects 30% of women and approximately 50% of women after the age of 50.


Drugs such as Rogaine, Propecia and treatments such as hair lasers and hair transplants are a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. When it comes to hair, “greed is good.”


Numerous psychological studies have shown that a full head of hair makes you look younger, energetic, and even more trustworthy. Having hair is a sign of strength and power. Unfortunately, drugs like Rogaine work only on some men and have limited benefits for women. Women can’t take Propecia. Recent concerns about sexual side effects have limited use of Propecia.


Hair transplant surgery has come a long way but the procedure still carries the stigma of the “pluggy look”. Dr. Gary Hitzig, a hair specialist for over 35 years, has developed the first successful “hair cloning” procedure which he and his partner, Upper Eastside Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad have named “Hair Rescue™.” Dr. Hitzig has developed a process using an FDA cleared material called “ACell” which activates your own adult stem cells. ACell is currently being used to help U.S. soldiers with major injuries and has even been shown to grow back an amputated finger- including the fingernail and the fingerprint!


Dr. Hitzig was the first hair specialist to investigate ACell after the FDA allowance for human use in 2008. Drs Hitzig and Prasad have developed systems of combining ACell with a concentrated part of the blood rich in growth factors called “platelet rich plasma” (PRP). This treatment uses the patients’ own platelets and combines them with the ACell, activating malfunctioning adult stem cells in areas of hair loss and rescuing thinning hair.


“In contrast to a surgical procedure, men and women with thinning hair can come in and have the treatment the way you do for Botox or Restylane”, comments Dr. Prasad. People have come for the treatment from all over the world from places such as Australia, Italy, India and New Zealand.


Does it last? “At this point, we haven’t had to repeat a treatment for 2 years. We treat our clients on an individual basis and customize their treatments. Keeping your hair from thinning further is in itself a success. Call it a ‘vaccine’ against hair loss.” explains Dr. Hitzig.


As Dr. Prasad discusses, “In a world where we are living longer, working longer, having children at a later age and participating in online dating, looking your best is more important than ever. We have made a major advance in the battle against hair loss. At this point, the only thing you have to lose . . . is hair.”

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