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Most women desire tighter, smoother, and healthier looking skin. However, environmental and personal factors such as sun damage,pollution, stress, genetics, lifestyle choices, hormonal changes and aging make it difficult to achieve.
Because "skin care" has become such a big business, we are bombarded with information about products and treatments. This creates confusion and questions such as - "where do I start", "what should I do to treat my particular condition(s)", "do I need to combine products and treatments", and "where can I get good advice". It's not easy to get the right answers. The key to beginning the journey to healthy, rejuvenated skin is to focus on Skin Health versus Skin Care.
What is Skin Health?
Skin Health is a medically developed approach to correcting skin conditions and stimulating skin to its natural state of health and beauty. Skin health restoration is not a product, it's a process. It's achieved by restoring normal cell functions - through a combination of procedures, treatments and products - so the skin first repairs itself, and then is able to continually protect itself from damage.
Skin damage occurs at the surface level as well as at deeper layers of the skin. On the skin's surface, damage shows up as hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and visible red veins. At deeper layers, the breakdown of collagen and elastin causes laxity and wrinkles.
Skin health programs must therefore work on the surface as well as below the surface of the skin - at the cellular level - to eliminate layers of dead cells, repair damaged cells and restore cell function to its normal state.
Skin health programs are designed to treat the entire body - face, neck, hands, arms, chest, back and legs.

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