Is Voluma Enough? A Minimally Invasive Mid-Face Pick-Me-Up


No question, the availability of Voluma for midface lifting has given non-surgical facial rejuvenation a boost. Voluma is specifically formulated and FDA-approved for filling the midface (cheeks) and restoring volume to this key area of the face. However, with all the attention given to Voluma for midface lifting, on it’s own, it’s not going to deliver the best results for everyone. In certain cases, for example when deflated cheeks pull on the delicate eyelid area and create bags under the eyes, adding a surgical procedure is necessary for achieving desired results. At the same time, if your cheeks have fallen, chances are your brow has too, causing forehead lines and heavy eyelids. While many patients may not prefer the surgical route, there is good news in all of this. While injectable options have been expanding and evolving, so too have facelifting techniques.

Lifting the upper and mid portions of the face are usually discussed in terms of a brow lift, blepharoplasty and mid-facelift. However, when the upper- and mid-face show signs of falling, I approach this differently. In my hands it only takes five small incisions in the hairline and inside the fold of the upper lip to:

• minimize forehead lines
• reduce upper eyelid hooding
• recreate the youthful fullness of the cheek
• improve the tear trough and bags under the eyes
• restore continuity between the lower lids and cheeks

In this case, a filler, such as Voluma, may be used to maximize cheek contouring and projection.
This minimal approach leaves no scars and significantly reduces pain and recovery compared with the more traditional lifting techniques. Interested in knowing more? I’m always happy to answer your questions here on RealSelf!

Article by
Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon