Virtual Simulation for Breast Augmentation, 3D Images


As a plastic surgeon, the most common question I get when talking to patients about breast augmentation is “Which implant is best for me?

The short answer is that there is no single implant that is “correct” for each individual patient. The large range of implants allows the surgeon to tailor the breast augmentation to the specific desires and needs of each patient.

Patients find that deciding on an implant size is the hardest part of the breast augmentation process. They most commonly say that they want to be the infamous “full C” or that they just want to be “natural, yet full”. These terms are not very descriptive and can mean different things to different people. I once had a patient tell me she wanted natural results, but in turn, sent me a picture of Pamela Anderson as an example of what she wanted to look like post surgery.

The newest method for helping patients decide on the correct implant is 3D imaging. This technology allows a patient to use an existing picture to virtually simulate the results that they would have with different size implants. Being that each individual patient looks different with the different implants, this is the most accurate way to help a patient decide which implant they feel would be best for them.

This new technology allows the patient and surgeon to have a discussion about the look and size they desire after the procedure. The virtual simulations are available to patients after the consultation so that they can go back and look at the different virtual images for each size they are contemplating. Patients can view the images on their home computer, iPad or smartphone.

Technology continues to improve the experience for patients as they can have realistic idea of what they will look like after their surgery.

Johnny Franco MD

Article by
Austin Plastic Surgeon