Made in the USA: Benefits of Surgery at Home


There are many choices in cosmetic surgery today. Some are right in your own backyard, offered by surgeons in your community. Others are available in different states or even different countries, enticing patients with dreams of exotic surgery vacations and lower prices on procedures. However, when you are looking for the safest and most successful cosmetic surgery possible, there are plenty of good reasons why choosing a cosmetic surgeon in the United States is a good option.

Easy to Check Credentials

When you choose a cosmetic surgeon in the U.S. for your procedure, you can easily verify the surgeon’s credentials by looking for familiar education and board certification you can easily identify. You can also determine whether the facility where your procedure will be performed is accredited. Although some surgeon’s and facilities can achieve international accreditation, it may be more difficult to verify those credentials when they are not stamped with accreditation by a U.S. organization or agency.

No Language Barriers

Enlisting the services of a cosmetic surgeon in a foreign country could result is significant language and culture barriers that can be difficult to overcome. Your communication with your surgeon prior to your procedure is essential in ensuring your expectations for your surgery are met. In addition, cultural differences can affect the outcome of your procedure. For example, patients traveling to Thailand may find their breast implant procedure resulted in smaller breasts than they would have achieved in the U.S.

Personalized Consultation

When you are traveling thousands of miles for a surgical procedure, a personalized consultation is nearly impossible. The best you can hope for is a consultation over Skype or another medium where photos are shared and you can discuss your concerns with the surgeon. When your procedure is performed closer to home, you can sit down with your surgeon and discuss your concerns and goals. This provides you with more confidence that your concerns have been understood and your expectations will be met.

Safe, Reliable Medications

When you are prescribed a medication in a foreign country, it can be much more difficult to know if you are getting the authentic product or a counterfeit. In the United States, prescription drugs are much more closely regulated, ensuring you get the precise substance you are supposed to take. Since most surgical procedures involve at least two or three prescription medications, this benefit cannot be understated.

Easier Follow-Up

Cosmetic surgery, like any surgical procedure, requires follow-up with the surgeon afterward to ensure the recovery process is free of complications. What if a complication arises after you undergo surgery in another country? If you have returned home, the best you can hope for is to see a surgeon here in the states that did not actually perform your procedure. This puts the American doctor at a decided disadvantage in identifying a complication and providing the necessary treatment in a prompt fashion.

No Flying Risk after Surgery

After you undergo surgery in another country, you will probably be anxious to return home to rest and recover from your procedure. However, that long flight home could pose significant risks. The biggest potential complication is the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg – a condition known as deep vein thrombosis. If that clot breaks free and travels through the bloodstream to the lung, it can result in a possibly life-threatening event known as a pulmonary embolism. No flight means lower risk of DVT and pulmonary embolism after your surgery. 

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Staten Island General Surgeon