Unhappy with the shape of your chin? Consider getting a chin implant.


If you're ever considered changing the shape of your chin, maybe you should consider a chin implant. With an implant, you can increase the projection of your chin and make it more "square-like" giving it more definition at the edges. However, it's important to be realistic in your aesthetic goals when it comes to chin implants and cosmetic surgery in general. When I talk to patients about chin implants, I am very realistic in telling them what they can expect. The amount of projection and shape that can be achieved with a chin implant is moderate at best most of the time. If a patient is looking for an extreme amount of re-shaping or projection, then other forms of plastic surgery need to be addressed (eg orthognathic surgery, adding a facelift or necklift.) Further, the materials used for a chin implant are usually silicone or medpor (hard plastic.) Both of these materials have their own specific risks, including eroding of the mandible, infection, malposition, pain, numbness, etc. I know it sounds like chin implants are not good, but when everything is taken into account and the patient has realistic expectations, then a good outcome is very likely. Further, improving the shape of your chin with a chin implant might be a good adjunct to other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as a facelift or necklift. 

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