Truth: Cosmetic Surgery Should Whisper, Not Scream


That moment when you look at someone and say, “Wow. She’s had some work done.” In general, you can be pretty sure this kind of response is not a compliment. The truth is, whether it’s Botox or a brow lift, cosmetic enhancement should make you look like yourself, just more youthful. Good results are subtle—you look rested, refreshed, happy. Achieving those subtle results, however, take the aesthetic eye and surgical skills of the very best facial aesthetic surgeons.

It’s true that the cosmetic surgery industry has it’s cheerleaders as well as its critics, and it wields a double-edged sword is severely sharp on either side:

On one hand, obvious cosmetic surgery results are often criticized.

On the other, if you can’t tell what [Mom, friend, celebrity] has had done, you wonder why she’s bothered at all.

Unfortunately, drastic cosmetic surgery results that change your appearance can lead to buyer’s remorse. You find yourself in a state of regret. Even worse, it can affect your personal life, leaving your family and friends in a state of shock. Of course, there are those patient outliers who seek drastic cosmetic surgery, but these are not the norm. However, these are the ones that make media headlines, and thus, we see and hear about the most.
But here’s the truth: Good cosmetic surgery should whisper, not scream. While it is true that it can be difficult to pinpoint at a glance what [Mom, friend, celebrity] had done, it doesn’t mean she didn’t get her money’s worth.

Sometimes it’s just difficult to appreciate a 1- to 2-mm lift to the upper eyelids, for example. However, if you’re the one who’s benefited from that lift, it’s very obvious to you and that’s the nature of good cosmetic surgery. There is an art to enhancing facial aesthetics, and the key? A keen eye and an adept hand for subtlety.

When you choose a facial surgeon, be sure he or she gives you an individualized assessment to help insure natural-looking cosmetic surgery results. You'll be glad you did.

Dr. Manolakakis
Article by
Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon