Treating Bumps After Filler Injection Part II


Treating bumps after filler injection, Part II
Richard O. Gregory, MD

This article is to complete the discussion started in Part I.Please read that for background.  Many times precise injection using the smallest syringes and needles can help reduce the incidence of bumps after injection of filler.  In addition I encourage my patients to use "micro massage" to blend or mold hyaluronic acid fillers for creases (not Voluma) thereby creating a pleasing contour and reducing bumps.

Treating bumps (swelling) after filler injection may be quite simple or even impossible.Time is your greatest ally in most instances and may resolve problems of swelling.Swelling can also be averted or treated by elevation (the higher the swelling above heart level the more the improvement.)Pressure and massage are commonly used to treat swelling (the more the pressure and massage the more the improvement within limits).

Swelling can be inhibited or treated by certain herbal preparations: Arnica Montana and Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) are useful in this instance and may be applied topically or taken internally).

Of course anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin etc. are used.
Similarly steroid drugs which come in a variety of strengths, preparations, etc. are anti-inflammatory in nature.The weakest of these can be obtained over the counter such as 1% cortisone cream but the strongest require a prescription and should be used under physician supervision as they can have severe side effects.Although steroids can be injected into bumps which frequently causes them to flatten, again this can lead to tissue atrophy (sunken) and capillary proliferation.

Warm compresses as well as ultrasound have been used to resolve swelling of various types.

Finally swelling due to infection needs antibiotics to treat it and even drainage if a fluid collection is present.Guiding principles of treating swollen or lumpy areas are: unless the swelling is acute, give it time, always start with the most conservative/least invasive treatments and combinations of treatments may work best.
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