Tips for Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgeon


When it comes to choosing your cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, you cannot be too careful in researching the physician’s qualifications and experience. The right surgeon can make all the difference in the safety and the success of your procedure. Whether you are considering a body contouring treatment or a facelift to turn back time, we have some tips to help you choose the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

Training and Education

The right training and education ensures your surgeon will be equipped to handle any concerns that might arise in the operating room with ease. 

Other Qualifications

Training and education aren’t the only qualifications to look for in a cosmetic surgeon. You also want a doctor that is board certified by a reputable national organization. This certification lets you know the surgeon is committed to remaining up to date on the latest surgical techniques with ongoing training and education. The surgeon also maintains the highest level of standards in terms of safety and patient care, as dictated by the certifying board. Surgeons that are certified are also typically required to go through a rigorous examination process to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities in their chosen specialty.

Facility and Staff

It is safe to say you won’t just be dealing with the cosmetic surgeon when you come in for appointments or even for your surgical procedure. The staff at the surgeon’s office will make a big impact on your overall impression of the surgeon’s level of care. Keep that in mind when you call to schedule your appointments or come in to see your surgeon. The way in which the staff treats you will determine your level of comfort with the practice and the procedure you choose. 

Services Offered

There are a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures available today, making it easier than ever before to tailor treatments to the specific needs of each patient. When you choose your cosmetic surgeon, select one that offers a variety of treatments to ensure you get the procedure that meets your desires best. 

Approach to Patient Care

Finally, you want a surgeon and staff that is committed to ensuring your comfort throughout the surgical process. A philosophy in patient care that moves beyond the cosmetic concerns to ensuring the entire body feels and looks as good as possible. A commitment beyond the initial procedure to establishing a relationship with a patient that extends past that first cosmetic goal. 

The right choice in a cosmetic surgeon will make all the difference in the safety of the procedure and your satisfaction with your results. 

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Staten Island General Surgeon