Allow the world to see your true beauty with a defined and well balanced nose


Rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery of the nose, is a procedure that is widely recognized as one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures. This is due to the complex anatomy of the nose and the need to preserve function, which is the ability to breath, along with creating cosmetic changes. It is therefore essential to go to a surgeon that not only has significant training but also significant experience. By completing a residency in Ear Nose and Throat first, I obtained comprehensive training in the area of nose surgery and then completed a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery where I further refined my understanding and technique of treating the cosmetic changes of the nose. I continue to perform both reconstructive and cosmetic rhinoplasty on a weekly basis at my office and surgery center in Naperville and have an extensive experience in this type of surgery. It seems intuitive and it is true. As is the moto of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery states, Trust your face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.
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