The Key to Successful Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation



Breast implants aren’t the only way that women can choose to enhance their breast size; autologous fat grafting, or fat transfer, is gaining popularity as well. Yet, with such a low viability rate for transferred adipose tissue, how can surgeons establish more consistent, predictable results?......

Incorporate BRAVA®

While dismissed by many plastic surgeons as yet another marketing gimmick along the same lines as breast enhancement creams or pills,  that the BRAVA® system does have a beneficial place in breast enhancement, at least with regards to fat transfer. The three-dimensional pull on the breast creates tissue expansion and improves
vasculature, two necessary components for ensuring successful fat transfer.


Proceed with Caution

The harvesting of adipose tissue has a direct impact on the fat cells’ integrity. Gentle suction must be used during aspiration, and caution must continue through the processing stage, as an overly aggressive approach could harm the cells. Even during the injection process, care must be taken to use a cannula of sufficient size to prevent compression of the cells during the transplantation stage. Finally, proper placement of the transferred cells throughout the subcutaneous tissue is essential; a concentration that is too dense will exude too much pressure on the cells, compromising essential blood supply.
During recovery, circulatory function is critical for allowing the cells to receive enough nutrients to permanently grow into their new location. This means enforcing a strict no smoking policy, and ensuring candidacy ahead of time by excluding patients with preexisting medical conditions that preclude healthy


When the correct approach is taken, achieving beautiful breast augmentation results with fat transfer rather than breast implants is definitely possible, although it does take a meticulous commitment from both patient and surgeon.


Title: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: The Key to Success

Desc: Fat transfer breast augmentation is gaining popularity. Here’s a look at how to achieve optimum


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