The Hair Transplant Procedure


Last week I posted an overall synopsis of the process of getting a hair transplant, from initial consultation to final result. This week I want to focus on the actual procedure to relieve some of the apprehension patients usually have about it. Such questions as “will it hurt?” and “how long does it take?” will be answered.
On the morning of your hair transplant, you will come to one of the three offices where the procedure is done. Those offices are Egg Harbor Township, Freehold and Shrewsbury. The arrival time is usually in the morning, since most hair transplants take between 6-8 hours. You will be greeted by our front office staff and fill out some paperwork.
After a short wait you will be taken back to the procedure room and will be greeted by the doctor and the technicians. You will then take your medications to help relax you and prevent infection. After that the techs will prepare the donor site by cutting the hair with a hair clipper. The doctor and techs will then decide where the hair will be transplanted. If you need a new hair line, one will be designed for you. You will be shown where the hairs will be transplanted to make sure you approve.
At this point, the doctor will numb the donor area with lidocaine. This is the only part of the procedure that may hurt! After the numbing medication has taken effect we will start harvesting the donor hairs. This is done using the Neograft machine which harvests the hairs one at a time so there is no linear scar and minimal post procedure pain. Depending on how many grafts are being transplanted this part takes 2-4 hours. Most patients pass the time by listening to music or watching a movie.
After all of the hairs have been harvested, you will be given a break to use the rest room and eat some lunch (which we will order for you). After lunch it will be time to implant the hairs. You may take another dose of relaxing medication at this point. The doctor will numb the areas where the hairs are going to be placed. Then recipient sites will be made, one for each and every graft that is going to be transplanted. After that each graft will be carefully placed in the sites. This process takes from 1-3 hours.
After all the hairs are in place a sterile dressing will be placed over the donor site. The recipient site is not covered. You are given detailed instructions on how to care for the sites. At this point you are ready to go home. You will be able to drive yourself if you did not take a second dose of relaxing medications. If you did take a second dose, you will be driven home.
So that’s the procedure in a nutshell. It’s very straight forward, there is minimal pain and the results are permanent. Stop waiting and make you appointment today!

Article by
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon