Non-surgical correction of ear deformity (ear pinning for prominent ears)


Incisionless otoplasty (ear pinning) of prominent ears

What do you mean by incisionless otoplasty?

I have heard of two different procedures:

1.The first is neonatal molding, popularized in Japan, where special splints are made for newborn infants to "mold" the ears into place. This is only effective while maternal estrogens are circulating in the fetal bloodstream and make the infant ear cartilage supple.
2.The other is the use of small Virutally invisible "stab" incisions in the ear in which permanent stitches are placed to bend the cartilage.

This latter technique is not very reliable and has a higher recurrence rate which makes is generally unpopular with plastic surgeons. It essentially only treats one aspect of a prominent ear which is the poorly formed anti-helical fold. There are many other features to a prominent ear that are performed during a typical ear pinning, called an "otoplasty" such as conchal excess, ear lobule rotation, postauricular cutaneous redundancy, outwardly rotated concha, etc . The incisionless otoplasty does little to correct these associated conditions and therefore its applicability is severely limited.

For a demonstration and photos of resutls, see the Youtube video: Dr. Placik and Non-surgical treatment of pediatric patients with ear deformity with Earwell device

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