A Surgeon's Thoughts on Lifestyle Lift


I am a board certified plastic surgeon with over 35 years of cosmetic surgery experience.I am now semi retired and have been working part time with lifestyle lift and opened their facility in Carmel In one year ago. As a surgeon I would like to describe my experience over the last few years and dispel a few myths perpetuated by uninformed people. 
 1 My entire staff is wonderful to work with and deliver the highest quality of patient care.
 2 No patient is pressured to have surgery. 
 3 All patients in our facility receive a thorough education about the surgical procedures by our consultants, techs and are personally evaluated by me well before a surgical procedure. 
 4 The risks and complication are discussed and I evaluate the expectations of all patients. If I do not feel comfortable, I do not operate. 
 5 The myth that this a mini lift or minor procedure could not be further from the truth This is explained by me to our patients.
 6 The procedures are safer because they are done under local anesthesia. It is easier on the patient and after learning this technique, it is my preferred method and I do not perform them under general anesthesia any more. 
7 I perform a full facelift. No shortcuts and do what is required to get the best results with the highest degree of safety. There is pain and recovery but my patients have been very pleased.
8This is not a lunch time procedure. Lifestyle Lift is a brand but how the surgery is done is my responsibility
9 There are too many people and surgeons alike who make comments about this procedure they are not fully informed about 
10 I provide an excellent service with years of experience at a very affordable price.
11 Yes there a few patients who have a complication or whose expectations are not met. I always try to address these problems personally to everyone's satisfaction. Sometimes I fail but it is very infrequent . It is a fact that a surgeon who says he never has problems or an unhappy patient does not operate or is not being truthful. 
12 I am proud of my work with Lifestyle Lift of Indianapolis and will let my results speak for me. Richard Linderman Carmel Indiana Lifestyle Lift Surgeon
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