Straight to the point. Why Straight Teeth Are So Important


A well aligned smile is not just part of a pretty face--it is the mark of a healthy mouth. And your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body.

     Staight teeth allow teeth to be brushed more efficiently, improve speech and allow for better digestion, leading to overall better health.

     The best way to keep gums healthy is through proper brushing and flossing (since bacteria can hide between teeth),but even the best brushers have a hard time getting rid of every "tooth bug" in a crowded mouth.

     Well aligned teeth trap fewer particles,develope fewer areas of decay and are easier to floss,all of which is imperative to good gum and oral health. In contrast,teeth with a lot of spacing should be treated with Invisalign to close those gaps since gums are healthiest when they fit snugly around teeth on both sides.

     There are more enzymes in your mouth than in your stomach that break up food,making digestion easier. People who chew longer and eat slower digest their food better and therefore have a tendecy to be slimmer! Straight teeth do a better job of breaking up the food particles and allowing this process to occur.

     The position of teeth plays a major role in the ability to correctly pronounce certain sounds; an example of this is when children lose their baby teeth and lack the ability to procounce certain words. Certain letters can be clearly pronounced only when the tongue hits and makes specific contact with the teeth. When teeth are out of alignment,it's reflected in a persons enunciation,whether the person is 6 years old and waiting for adult teeth to erupt or 40 with misaligned teeth.

     Recent studies show gum disease to be a major factor in overall health and wellness. Managing periodontal disease can help to reduce the risk for heart disease as well as diabetes. Additionally,findings published in the February 2010 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology link pregnancy-related gum disease to the loss of a (full-term) unborn baby.

     Straightening your or your loved ones teeth is truly an investment in overall health.

Dr Michael Thomas DDS

Article by
Los Angeles Dentist