Silicone Gel Breast Implants Are Quickly Becoming the Norm for Today's American Woman


“Everyone is doing it!” seemed to be the mantra for Breast Augmentation Surgery in 2010. And as compared to even ten or more years ago, breast augmentation surgery is not only talked about but is often the topic of casual conversation. Why this sudden change? More and more women are realizing that the results of breast enhancement surgery can be natural and create a more proportionate figure, overall.

For many cosmetic plastic surgery practices, patients come from all walks of life but they all want the same thing…a more natural and proportionate look. Many of these women have had children and find that their breast volume dramatically decreased following pregnancy or breast feeding. And while some are simply looking to restore the shape that they once had, others have simply always dreamed of larger, shapelier breasts and now feel empowered to be able to achieve this.

Whatever the motivation, breast augmentation has changed drastically over the last few years largely due to improvements in the breast implant itself. In particular, silicone gel implants are now more durable and more lifelike than in previous years. Across the nation, we are seeing more and more women are educated about and coming in asking for the new cohesive implants. Some have seen friend’s results and were impressed with the more natural look and feel while others are simply looking for a more natural alternative to saline-filled breast implants. In the past few years, more and more patients are gravitating towards this choice to the extent that cohesive gel implants have become the primary choice for breast augmentation across North America. And the common theme is that Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are continually hearing positive feedback from patients regarding these implants; many often go so far as to say that they cannot even feel the implants beneath their own breast tissue and that after the healing process they don’t even feel like they have implants…they simply have larger, more shapely breasts.

The shift towards silicone gel breast augmentation is simply a reflection of a trend towards more natural results in Plastic Surgery overall. While many patients want to look better, they still want to look like themselves and want options that allow them to do just that. Young moms are realizing that pregnancy is a new beginning on several fronts and that the body changes acquired can be addressed with a minimal downtime procedure yielding very natural results.

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Denver Plastic Surgeon