No Scar on the Breast Augmentation


Fiber optic technology has revolutionized breast enlargement surgery. Now small incisions can be made in the under arm area and the implant placed more precisely. Because of these advances, women come from all over the world for breast augmentation surgery with our No Scar on the Breast® enlargement technique performed by Dr. Willliam R Burden.

An endoscope is a small fiberoptic camera that is inserted through a small underarm incision beneath the breast to create a pocket.This technology allows Dr. Burden to see what he is doing "inside" the pocket on a TV screen.The image is magnified and allows superior visualization of the surgical field.There is less bleeding and the pocket is created to fit the implant like a glove.

There are several advantages to the No Scar on the Breast Augmentation including:

*No scar on the breast*.   In contrast, incisions beneath the breast are visible in string bikinis.  Incisions around the areola are visible when topless.

*The incision is well hidden*  The incision is placed in one of the natural creases in the hair bearing area of the underarm.The skin in the armpit is not under the tension from the implant and heals very well.

*A scar in the underam area is not associated with breast augmentation by most people.*

*Lower risk of infection*  The surgical dissection does not pass through the breast gland which sometimes contains bacteria.

*Breast implants can be placed in the dual plane position via the armpit.*

*Recovery may be somewhat easier with submuscular breast implants as the muscle can be "lifted", and does not need to be cut.*

*Larger implants can be placed since there is no tension on an incision on the breast.Higher tension on the breast from larger implants can cause thicker scars and tearing of the breast incision.*

Disadvantage of the No Scar on the Breast Augmentation:

Difficult to find a surgeon experienced with this technique.

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Destin Plastic Surgeon