The Best Scar


The biggest fear, aesthetically thinking, after an abdominoplasty, is the great scar that can stay from hip to hip in our lower belly. Regardless, this procedure is worth more than the penalty and when it comes to seeing the results, the least important will be this mark.

The abdominoplasty is performed in the operating room, and begins with an incision in the skin that is located in the upper pubic area. In this way, the surgeon has access to the entire abdominal area to be able to perform the surgery with the greatest possible guarantees. Once the procedure is finished, the incision is closed, and it will be the skill of our surgeon to mark if the scar is more or less pronounced.

Little by little, our body will respond to the new situation by relaxing the swelling and making the scar dissimulate a bit. We must be clear that the scar of the abdominoplasty will never be completely eliminated, and that, over time, the most we will achieve will be to disguise more and more.

One of the advantages of abdominoplasty is that the area where the incision is made is covered by underwear, so a bikini or simply an undergarment will make our scar not visible at first sight in the pool , Beach or in intimate moments.

We always ask ourselves if the scar that remains after the abdominoplasty is definitive, the answer is not always a yes, because there are cases where the surgeon has not sealed the incision in an efficient way and a new intervention can be performed for the purpose To reduce as much as possible the previous scar, however we must be clear that the scar will not be eliminated completely, although there are dermatological procedures which clarify this mark that will always remind us one of the best decisions in our lives.

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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon