It is safe to perform abdominal liposuction with a tummy tuck at the same time?


The tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery by which excess skin is removed and the abdominal wall defects are repaired. It is a procedure performed very often after pregnancy or bariatric surgery.

To perform this procedure an incision is made in the pelvic area to Pussycat iliac spine iliac spine, but it is important to remember that the length of this will depend mainly of excess skin you have. abdominal flap is then up to the xiphoid apendixe and ribs reason why cut into the process lymph nodes, veins and arteries which supply the oxygen right through the blood to the skin, leaving the irrigation of this by a dosminuido number of blood vessels.

Then we proceed to perform the repair of diastasis or opening of the abdominal muscles, this helps us to utter waist of patients and reduce also the size of the abdomen because the muscle flaccidity let internal organs to bulge and see the hated tummy . Patients who have a lot of intra-abdominal fat around the organs bone being obese will continue the globular belly fat as this can not be removed with surgery but with diet and exercise. Therefore always I recommend your BMI should be within the normal range for best results. Finally the excess skin is removed and proceed to perform liposuction in necessary areas.
The risk of necrosis in laa tummy increases significantly when liposuction is performed in the whole abdomen with a tummy tuck for irrigation or oxygen that reaches the skin is already decreased by vessels cut in the process and if we add to this trauma and sweeping liposuction producing skin, and possible damage to microvascular structures that the risk of this dreaded complication occurs during this, Increase in a large percentage.

Many times we do not think the consequence of our decisions when we are desperate to certain situations that overwhelm us, I always recommend them to report on the processes to be performed, have an assessment with a certified cirujanonplastico and especially to listen to the advice that this can give .
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