Rhinoplasty Results


Rhinoplasty Results
Richard Gregory, MD

Rhinoplasty is the surgical treatment of the nose.It can be done for functional reasons such as obstructed airway in which it MAY be covered by insurance or it may be done for cosmetic reasons in which case it will not be covered.There are occasional instances where both functional and cosmetic goals are addressed.There is considerable reluctance for insurance companies to cover this treatment because of the overlap of the goals.
Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery and the results depend not only on the skill of the surgeon but also a number of other factors including patient factors which are not easily controlled.Secondary rhinoplasty (that is after initial surgery) is especially challenging because of the scar tissue and the inherent decrease in circulation to the tissue resulting from the initial surgery.
Patient related factors include the thickness of the skin as well as the anatomy of the cartilage and bone.The shape and size of the nose are determined largely by the shape and size of its underlying framework, i.e. bone and cartilage.The finesse of the appearance however is greatly by the drape and contraction of the overlying skin.Oily, heavy skin which has large pores will not drape and contract as well as thin elastic skin.Thus patient’s skin type may limit the improvement.
Because of swelling and other factors the final result after rhinoplasty may not be seen for months or even a year or more.Bony stability after altering the bony structure is not seen for weeks after surgery and thus the bone can slip changing the appearance and perhaps necessitating further treatment.Finally, as the nose changes with age, results from a rhinoplasty done years ago can subtly change the appearance as a person ages.
In summary, In order to deal with these issues and achieve the optimal result (notice I did not say the “perfect” result) you should seek the advice of an experienced and well trained surgeon.This should be a person that you have confidence in and a good working relationship, as rhinoplasty can be a long term deal.
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