How You Can Get The Best Results From Tummy Tuck Surgery


For many women who have gained and lost weight either through pregnancy-related changes or simply as a result of the aging process, their tummies simply don’t look as flat as they used to. They exercise and they diet but that stubborn bulge just won’t go away. And, over time, they get frustrated because nothing they do seems to make any difference. And there is a good reason.

Changes in weight can have dramatic effects on the abdominal wall. Over time, the muscles in the midline can actually separate creating what is called a diastasis. This separation then weakens the overall support that the muscles used to provide with the end result being that you develop that unsightly bulge. And no matter what you do, it just simply won’t go away. Think of it this way, if you unsnap your bra, your breasts fall out. The same thing happens with the “internal corset” of your abdomen. When the muscles separate, it is similar to unzipping of a corset and the internal contents protrude forward.

To address this, the separation can be fixed through a tummy tuck. This relatively straightforward procedure tightens muscle and removes excess skin creating a flatter, more shapely abdominal wall. And when liposuction is added to specific areas, an even more dramatic and circumferential improvement can be achieved. Many patients ask why liposuction is necessary. The simple answer is that liposuction picks up where a tummy tuck leaves off. A tummy tuck itself does little to nothing to address abdominal or back fat. By adding a little liposuction here and there, your torso can be shaped in a much more optimal manner than with just a tummy tuck alone.

And while some of the tummy tuck result is immediate, it may take six months or more to see the final results of the liposuction. During that time, swelling gradually resolves and some degree of skin tightening may occur leading to an even more dramatic result by year’s end. Some plastic surgeons are even adding non-invasive treatments such as VASER Shape to create an even more impressive result. VASER Shape can potentially help smooth your contour even more and may lead to even greater skin tightening over time.
So if you have hit the gym but feel like your tummy has hit a wall, liposuction and a tummy tuck may be just the prescription for the best belly! But be sure to research your Plastic Surgeon. Make sure that they are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and that body contouring and liposuction are a substantial part of their Cosmetic Surgery practice. Experience and training are essential and can make the difference between a mediocre result and the home run tummy that you are looking for!

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