4 Reasons Your Surgeon May Choose Submuscular Placement


Breast augmentation is a procedure filled with choices and options to customize your final result. If you’ve decided to get breast implants for the right reasons and worked with your surgeon to pick out the perfect implant for you, there are still decisions to be made regarding your implant placement. Subglandular implant placement is when the breast implants are placed beneath the breast glands but over the pectoral muscles. Submuscular placement, on the other hand, is when the implants are positioned under the pectoral muscles. While both options can create beautiful results in the right woman, there are a few reasons why submuscular placement can be particularly beneficial to your final results.1. Less Scar TissueWhile some amount of scar tissue formation around your implant is a normal part of the healing process, capsular contracture, one of the most common breast augmentation complications, can develop from excessive scar tissue that becomes overly hardened. The hard tissue can impact the visible results of your breast augmentation and almost always requires revision surgery.Although capsular contracture can be resolved, most women would prefer to proactively minimize their risk as much as possible. Opting for submuscular placement is one factor that can reduce the chances of developing capsular contracture.2. More Coverage of the ImplantOne potential issue with subglandular placement is that the implant may be more likely to be visible or palpable, especially for thin women with less natural breast tissue to cover the implant.Breast implants tend to look and feel better when they have more tissue coverage. Placing the implant beneath the pectoral muscle ensures an additional layer of coverage for a beautiful final result. 3. Improved MammographyAn important part of breast augmentation is considering how your breast implants will age with your body. Whether you’re still several years away from getting regular mammograms or already in your more mature years, it’s important to understand how getting breast implants can affect this critical part of taking care of your health.Women who have implants need two extra X-rays taken of each breast during a mammogram to get a better picture of the breast tissue. When excessive scar tissue is present around the implants, a clear image of the breast tissue can be more difficult to obtain.Because submuscular placement often results in a smaller amount of scar tissue, getting a mammogram can be easier and more comfortable for women with implants placed below the muscle rather than above.4. Better Long-Term LookSubmuscular placement can also add longevity to your final results because it helps hold your implants in the desired position over a longer period of time. The pectoral muscles surrounding the implant provide extra support and reduce the possibility of implant sagging and displacement.Submuscular placement can also greatly reduce the possibility of visible implant rippling or wrinkling. Implant rippling occurs when the breast implant folds or collapses, causing its shape to be compromised. The added layer of muscle works with your breast tissue to camouflage any rippling that may occur so you can enjoy the most natural looking breast augmentation results.Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation can help you learn more about whether submuscular placement is right for you so you can enjoy beautiful looking breasts for years to come.
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