A real concern for many of my Colorado patients: Ageism - Combatting age discrimination in your work place...


Ageism is wrong and unfair, just like so many other prejudices. However, we’re stuck with the fact that we are judged by our appearance every day, whether we walk into a boutique or into work. Here in Colorado, people’s perspectives on aging seem to revolve more around health and vitality than around simple birthday numbers, perhaps since we all know people in their 80’s playing tennis, skiing, and hiking regularly. That said, if you look “old and tired”, you certainly have the potential to be replaced by someone who looks energetic and rested. This is obviously unjust, but fortunately we have ways to help you avoid being a victim of this discrimination. Depending on the exact details of your face, neck, and hands (the parts that aren’t covered by everyday clothing), there are many options to provide subtle or dramatic improvement. The “lunchtime” procedures of chemical or laser peels, intense pulsed light, and radiofrequency tightening can improve many facets of your skin including texture, uneven pigmentation, age spots, broken blood vessels, mild looseness, and of course, wrinkles. These can be particularly effective when combined with a customized home skin care regimen. Other simple in-office procedures including botulinum toxin and filler injections can also rejuvenate your face and hands. Routine outpatient cosmetic surgery such as eyelid lifts, endoscopic forehead and cheek lifts, fat transfer, and various kinds of implants can refresh your look without much downtime and without making you look “plastic” or as though too much was done. Even face and neck lifts can be expertly performed so that you look healthy and vibrant instead of old and tired, but again not stretched or overdone either. In my practice, we work closely with fitness coaches, nutritionists, bio-identical hormone specialists, and other wellness experts to optimize how you look and feel. While we still haven’t found an actual fountain of youth, aesthetic medicine has come a long way and can help you combat age discrimination at work and in many other social settings. Your age is nobody’s business but yours and we can help keep it that way.

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