Take Proper Care Of Your Body


Take care of your body, you worth a lot!

The Kardashian phenomenon has revolutionized the world and the ways women wish to look in the mirror. Everyone wants huge bottoms, disproportionately small waists, as we call an hourglass figure. The big problem facing unbridled desires to obtain a target is what many would be able to do to get it, remember your worth a lot.
There is a disease called iatrogenic alogenosis which refers to a set of signs and symptoms caused by injections. Substances vary and may be as many biopolymers, liquid petrolatum, petrolatum, mineral oil, animal fat, liquid, silicone etc. The reactions can occur as little as six hours period and there have been reports until 25 years later. The demonstrations included pain, redness, pigmentation, edema, fibrosis, infections, gravity displacement, fever, generalized pain, joint pain, weakness, fistula, malaise, increased hair loss, depression, skin necrosis, among others.

There are great procedures that are safe to increase the buttocks volume and give a great shape. Between these, are lipoinyection an buttock implants. Always put your health in certified hands, and remember that, this will determine the success of your surgery.

The Buttock lipoinyection has the great advantage. The risk of rejection is minimal, because is your own tissue, your own fat gives your buttock a natural appearance, and rapid postoperative recovery and lipoinyection is cheaper than gluteal prostheses. Among the disadvantages we can cite this that for this procedure must be a certain amount of fat, so very thin women do not qualify for this, there is a risk of infection that minimizes when you followed to the letter, the instructions your surgeon. The amount of injected fat remains only a percentage around 40-70 percent.

I want to leave as a final message that is very dangerous to go to anyone’s garden and unknown place to do this procedure to your buttocks. Sooner or later these acts have consequences that will be heartbreaking for your soul that will also be a mutilation for your body, that when it comes to cosmetic changes, tweaks substances or reconstruction should be filmmaker by a plastic surgeon, there are very capable and well prepared.

My final recommendation and the best and only advice: "For the love of God, be careful with your body and do not invent too much" TAKE CARE!
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