Preparing for cosmetic surgery


Are you weighing the pros and cons of a breast enhancement, liposuction or tummy tuck? Cosmetic surgery is a big decision, so read these steps about how to best prepare.

  • Look, listen and learn. Spend some time researching the different angles of the surgery that you’re thinking about. Go online to find chat groups with people who’ve had the same procedure. Find out how it went and what they might do differently if they could do it again. Not really sure about this paragraph. We don’t encourage potential clients or patients to go to blog sites for credible information. We do however recommend “The College of Physician’s”, pharmaceutical websites such as Allergan. Read the testimonials on our website or look at the photo gallery. Perhaps ask to speak to a patient who has had surgery or a procedure….something along those lines. There is a lot of false information on blog sites and in chat rooms that tend to mislead people which brings forth unrealistic expectations.

  • Consult. Make appointments for consultations at several different clinics. You’ll want to be able to compare the facilities, the staff, the methodologies and the prices. Make sure that a tour is part of your visit. “We always encourage patients to go on other consults,” says Dr. Robert Sleightholm, director of the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa. “Your consultation is a very important part of the process and most people do end up booking a procedure with us in the end.”

  • Talk it out. Discuss your findings with your family, close friends and your partner. The decision about whether or not to have surgery is yours alone, but people close to you can offer their guidance along the way.
  • Make the call. Once you’ve made your decision, go ahead and make the call to book it. You’ll probably only have to wait two to four weeks before you’re able to have your procedure.
  • Pre-op appointment. This important appointment is when you’ll consult with your nurse and the clinic’s staff to find out the details about your surgery, how to get ready for it and how to recuperate after.
  • Surgery. Make sure to get a good sleep the night before your operation and arrive relaxed and ready to meet a new and improved you!

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