Where did the pre-pregnancy perks go?


There is nothing more wonderful than the joy of children. They bring us new focus in life and reset our priorities for months and years after the birth of these wonderful little darlings. But suddenly, years later we look down and see straight to the floor! What happened to the fun sun dresses and that nice hour glass shape? The sexy bikini is a definate out!

For some women the loss of the perky breast is simply due to the “deflation” of the breast tissue. Those beautiful sunny side up breast are like an empty sack on the chest wall. For others, the breast not only deflate, but the elongate, making them honorary members of the National Geographic Society- pictures of the native women whose breast hang down to the toes.

There is a solution! You can look perky and rejuvenate that figure of yours. For the deflated breast where the nipple areola has remained high with breast tissue below and the size of the nipple areola is attractive, a simple breast augmentation will do. Now we have the option of both Silicone and Saline implants for breast augmentation. The silicone implants feel and look more natural, but are more expensive. The saline implants, although cheaper, feel more rubbery and if they rupture, the loss of the saline will make a visible asymmetry in short order.

There are two options of restoring the beauty of the breast for a person whose nipples point down, or the areola is too large, or asymmetry exists. The patient may have either a lift or a lift with an augmentation.

Many people do not know how to decide which surgery is the best. The decision depends on how the breast look in a bra. If the fullness is just right in a bra, then a breast lift will do the trick. If the breast are not big enough in a bra, then the lift should be combined with an augmentation.

The scars for the augmentation are minimal and barely visible. The scars for the lift are much more extensive but if the patient heals well, they too will become barely visible with time in most patients.

The risk is, the surgery is also frequently associated with restoration of the pre-pregnancy friskiness of the spouse!

Best wishes and good luck restoring beauty of your pre- pregnancy body!

Article by
Providence Plastic Surgeon