Post surgical care (Thigh Lift) /


Post surgical care (Thigh Lift)

It is increasingly common thigh lift surgery in our country for the many patients who have decided to improve their lives successfully beating the battle to obesity.

Thigh lifting is to remove excess skin in this area, may be accompanied by other the most common procedure is liposuction. Remember to always say to the success of the whole procedure is very important what we do after we left the operating room.

After normal discomfort, inflammation, wound drainage, for a few days, remember to not remove the dressings or surgical wound wet until instructed to do so. (It is not permissible for a person different from the doctor will make healing surgical wound)

You must be constantly walking, slowly, crouching, leaning against another person and few distances and start massaging the physician.

Do not allow other people perform punctures to drain you or make you healing surgical wound and not be removed for any reason the belt without precise indications of your doctor.

You must be 7 to 10 days off work until you remove the drain and you can return to your usual activities 3 weeks after surgery with prior permission from your surgeon, cardio 2 months after post-surgical, handle 15 to 21 days after surgery. If this causes pain, then do not drive, avoid sex in the first three weeks or post surgical pain while sitting in the wound

 With these small indications, perseverance and especially uninterrupted contact with your doctor your surgery will be successful and you can use those shorts you always wanted.

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